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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Deidre was phenomenal as Hattie! The expressions of bewilderment on everyone’s faces was priceless. Hattie’s austere personality came shining through. Hattie was fun to see, however, I saw absolutely no point to this. I’m hoping that when this story line wraps up, it will all come together, but as of this moment, bringing Hattie back served no purpose, other than to add to the confusion. Obviously, Hattie is not the killer, and we are back to where we started from – Marlena. I was so upset with Marlena insisting that she attend the funerals, especially since she is the prime suspect. Kind of tacky, in my opinion. What was John thinking? Did he think she would be welcomed with open arms? Hope is still not convinced Marlena is the killer, but with so much evidence pointing at her, and with all the deaths affecting Hope, I’m surprised she isn’t biased. Bo certainly seems convinced, and determined to see Marlena on death row. We’ve been told there will be one more death – and I’m wondering who it will be. My fear (and this is pure speculation – I’ve not heard any rumors or spoilers) is that it will be Bo. I’m basing this on an episode several weeks ago, where Celeste saw Hope without Bo. Carolyn also told Bo to keep his family close – so I’m afraid it could come to fruition. The show, thus far, has been very tight-lipped on the next murder. I hope I’m wrong – once again, we’ll see.

Bart – oh, how I’ve missed him! Could he get any more funny? I think it is obvious Steve Blackwell has a good time portraying this character. I was glad to see him, even if it was only for such a brief appearance. I always thought it would be cool to pair him with Bonnie – these two could scheme and bumble their way through Salem, and I think have a lot of fun with it.

It was so sweet when Lucas comforted Sami. I was a bit confused when Sami came home and began to tear photos of John from the album. I thought she did that before Kate and Roman got married? Guess she missed some. We keep getting teased with a Sami and Lucas reunion – I say let’s get to it – we’ve waited long enough!

I have to admit that I like the new actress that plays Jan, much better than the old one. This doesn’t mean that I like the character. Once again, I was laughing pretty hard as she and Nicole were building the “love cage.” Another pointless story line, that in my opinion, is a waste of the viewer’s time. The writers have determined that Shawn and Belle will be together, and it is my feeling that Jan and Phil are the obstacles they must overcome in order to be the next super couple. Neither character has the depth that is worthy of super couple status, but the writers are hoping we won’t notice, and will just accept them. It must have been easy for these two actors to learn their lines this week – because all we heard was, “you lied to me,” “I’m sorry I lied,” and “my great-grandmother would still be alive if you hadn’t lied.” Over and over again, to the point of repugnance! Shawn wants to leave town and clear his head. I have one piece of advice for him – get a haircut before you go!

I’m still waiting to see what Patrick’s purpose is. I will be furious if he takes advantage of Jennifer. I’m still bewildered that she accepted the fact that Patrick claims to know Jack – meeting him at a NASCAR race? Seriously – I suspect Jack would have to be taken at gunpoint to attend a race. And, anyone that knows anything about NASCAR knows that well over 150,000 people attend these races – so what are the odds that he would meet Jack, then be hit by his wife? Slim, to none, I’m guessing. In Jennifer’s defense, she’s got a lot to deal with, and I suppose she feels guilty about hitting Patrick, and this is clouding her judgment.

Poor Bonnie – unable to get a liquor license. Well – guess she’ll just need to keep that bottomless flask on hand!

I was impressed that most of the men were able to keep their shirts on. I’ve had flat tires changed before, and not once did the man have to remove his shirt. Guess we do things differently here than they do in Salem.

Over all, it was a very slow week – and absolutely no resolution to any story line. How I miss the romance Days was once known for. Just another week filled with Salem silliness. Probably more of the same in store for next week.

Page updated 12/7/12

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