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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 4/15/04 by Justin

I know that I am going against the majority of viewers on the issue of Shawn and Belle forever, but in my reality pair up Belle and Phillip. They seem to have a lot of chemistry together and they look cute with each other. What has happened I believe they have pushed Shawn and Belle together since the beginning and neither one of them has really ever dated anyone else? Lets use this break up period a chance to explore feelings for other love interests. If there was never a Chloe in Salem then I believe that we would have seen a love triangle between Shawn, Belle, and Phillip long before now. Go Belle and Phillip!

Shawn is an idiot in my book. He is upset with Belle, because she lied to him about her motherís alibi. Then when he thinks Marlena is not the killer he is all lovey-dovey with Belle again, once again when Marlena is suspected to be the killer, he shuns Belle away again. Iím sorry but you know what he is a Loser! For one thing nobody should ever say to Belle she is the reason Alice died, because Belle was not the one who killed her, she was protecting her mother. No one thought Marlena could have been the killer; so everyone would be to blame, do not put it all on Belle.

Jan was an important character brought on to kill Victor, and also she will be used to distract Shawn from making amends with Belle now that he knows that Belle lied to him. With the recast of Jan hopefully they will write the character differently and make her a stronger character like she was when she was in high school, not this annoying brat that we are watching now. I liked Jan better when she was a mean bitch to everyone, and not so clingy and insane.

Many people have stated how funny the scenes were with Marlena falling off the balcony and landing on Sami. I for one didnít find them funny at all. In fact it was standing on my coffee table, because I couldnít believe this was happening. (On a side note, when I get really excited when I watch Days of our Lives, I do end up standing on my coffee table. It is something I donít realize I do until the excitement wares off.) I think for daytime it was done great. Marlena falling was exciting. To see her falling with the building in the background was superb. I was awed that they showed that because normally they would have just showed her on the cement after she fell. Deirdre as usual did a excellent job that day fighting John and the falling scene, she is getting really good at all of the physical acting she has been doing!

I loved Deidre Hall in the role of Hattie. She did an excellent job playing her sister playing Hattie it was great. ďNo freaking way!Ē Hattie said, and I was just in awe. When Hattie spit her gum on Boís forehead, I was just laughing. Deidre Hall is the best there is in daytime, that is all there is to it. If the writers do in fact lock Marlena away, I would be open to seeing Hattie played by Ms. Hall.

Sami is one strong woman. She is of course in pain with her mother landing on top of her, but not to be worried of your own self and only concerned with your mother and John in her mind pushing her off the balcony. Those were some wonderful performances, nothing to be laughed at! I was though getting tired of her whining and pointing fingers at everyone during the hospital scenes. Sami needs to either kill John and be done with it, or keep her accusations to herself until she has solid proof that he is this evil vile creature she makes him out to be.

Iím really excited to see Sarah Buxton back on daytime, because she will be playing one of Nicoleís friends in a few weeks. She is a terrific actor and I loved when she was Annie on Sunset Beach, and Morgan on the Bold and the Beautiful. I heard it is only a limited run, but still it will be great to see her again.

Dumbest moment over the past few week would have to go to Celeste, although she is one of my favorite characters, I just had to role my eyes. Alice spirit comes to Celeste and Celeste says ďOh Alice I feel you have something important to tell me.Ē Well duh, if she didnít have something important to say why would she bother making this visit to you!

Just a little hint to the writers, donít make characters say stupid things when it is pointless and makes the character look stupid!

Hey, It is just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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