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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Another eventful week in Salem – with Salemites surrounding potential serial killer Marlena. Honestly, after this week, I’m thinking they should change the name of the show to “Days of our Comedic Lives.” Mostly, I’m referring to two specific instances. First, the bats – has Alfred Hitchcock come back to life, and is helping with the production of DOOL? I was laughing so hard when the bats flew at Julie – and am wondering what the significance is. As we all know, however, the writers don’t need to make sense with any of the scenes, and they are going after the shock value. I, for one, was not impressed.

Secondly, Bonnie needs a mention. She was absolutely hysterical! Hard as I try, I cannot dislike Bonnie. I suppose it is because I’ve always liked Judi Evans. Although her little fantasy was a bit out of place, I was not surprised that she was surrounded by a bunch of shirtless men. For anyone that did not know it, the band, Blue County, is Melissa Reeves’ husband’s band – so that was cool. Actually, they did a great job, and it was a great song for Bonnie. I loved when Rex tried to help Bonnie off the out-of-control bull – Rex is trying so hard to win Bonnie over, but it’s not working. Now here is my problem – under NO circumstances would the old Julie climb on that bull. It just wouldn’t happen. Of course, few character traits are as they once were. I also have to wonder where those flasks come from. They always seem to be bottomless – always providing a never ending supply.

Sami and Lucas: yes, if you haven’t guessed from my previous articles, I’m a huge LUMI fan. Nothing I want more than for these two to be together, and I think it is just a matter of time. Of course, a day in Salem can take WEEKS to get through, so I guess I’ll just have to be patient. I love when Sami shows her vulnerable side, and Lucas, knowing her so well, picks right up on it, and is there for her. Ali continues to give outstanding performances. I love her paroxysms, and can only imagine the amount of energy it takes for Ali with each outburst. Clearly, Sami hates John for a number of reasons, and I wonder how she will feel as the truth about Marlena unfolds.

Speaking of Marlena, once again, I’m sort of stumped. Marlena kept having a smirk on her face, every time she looked at John. To me, her expression said volumes. I saw that as she was trying to set John up for her fall of the balcony. Clearly, Sami bought this story hook, line and sinker. Yet she proclaims her innocence, and as of Friday, John was bringing the “real” killer to the hospital. And she confessed last week – so what is the deal? I won’t reveal any more, for those of you that don’t like spoilers, but at this point, I’m not seeing the story tie together. I keep hearing that there is another major twist coming. All I can say is I hope it makes sense, and I hope the writers don’t try to insult our intelligence.

I’m still trying to figure Patrick out. He appears to be an opportunist, and taking advantage of Jennifer’s generosity, yet when she has a crisis, he is always there for her. As mulct as he is, he also has another side to him. And I keep wondering what the significance of the coin is. I don’t know if it is just the actor portraying him, but he seems to be kind of “blah” to me, and so unlike his animated sister. I was ecstatic when Jennifer’s baby was spared yet again, as I want her to carry this baby to term, and put some happiness back into her life.

I am simply amazed with Lexie. I’ve known a lot of medical students and residents who went on to become licensed physicians. None of them were able to go from trauma/E.R. into maternity in a matter of minutes, and make life altering decisions. Wow…wonder where she did her residency at? Or, perhaps the more pertinent question is this – doesn’t the DOOL budget allow for more than one physician? I was so upset when Lexie made the decision that Jennifer’s pregnancy must be terminated. I’m glad that thus far, the outcome has been good, and hope it continues.

The Belle/Shawn/Philip triangle is once again in full force. Poor Phil – he’s lost his two great loves. Since Shelle is crammed down our throats on a regular basis, I have to guess that Shawn will win this round. When Shawn heard that the “real” killer is being brought to the hospital, I was impressed with how quickly Shawn was able to forgive Belle. Um…Shawn…just a heads up to you…regardless of who the killer turns out to be, she still lied to you! Of course, as we heard all week, you lied to her, too! Speaking of lies, I believe the new Jan will be unveiled this coming week. I, for one, can live without this whole story line. I’m sure Jan will put Belle in some type of life threatening situation, but I wonder who will save her – will it be Shawn or Belle?

A couple of more random thoughts that left me scratching my head: Sami, taking time to twist up her hair when she was summoned to the hospital. Wasn’t she in a hurry to get there? And when Jan called Nicole to the hospital – since when does going to the hospital call for your chest to nearly fall out of your dress? And John’s duct tape, binding up his prisoner. Has he been taking lessons from MacGyver?

Page updated 12/7/12

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