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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 4/4/04 by Justin

Celeste getting possessed with that evil spirit threw me off guard, I wasnít expecting to see that. It reminded me of when Marlena was possessed, plus all of those flash back to that situation couldnít keep your mind off that incident. Celeste is a great character, sometimes annoying because she says the same lines over and over, ďI feel someone is going to die!Ē I do like the supernatural stories to a point, but Days has been more structured than that, and hey itís fine to watch on Passions, but Days of our Lives has always been a little classier.

I found it odd as well, when Celeste was reading her tarot cards that Jackís picture wasnít on the cards like the others. Then I remembered that he just finished up on another show, so maybe there were contract issues that Days couldnít show him. But then the next day we saw a flashback to Marlena Killing Jack, so that did baffle me!

Many of us are wondering if in fact Cassie is still alive and helping Marlena with these killings. First we saw her fall out of the piŮata and then she was cremated. Second she has not returned yet as a ghost, you would think if she was dead and had been so close to Rex all her life, she would have came back and said goodbye to him. Third, she is the one character that is not mentioned as much as the other victims, when people are talking about the ones who were killed. Whether this is a clue the writers are giving us or we are just grasping at straws, but itís fun to speculate!

I cried when Alice died and they showed her taking Toms hand and saying that he had been waiting for her. Wow! That was powerful. Iím looking forward to many more flashbacks about Alice. Alice was a wonderful character and everyoneís favorite grandmother. I wish Frances Reid the best she has always been an excellent actress, Frances Reid is a Daytime Living Legend, congratulations on your marvelous career on Days of our Lives you will be missed terribly.

With all of these killings, the show has dramatically changed, and my one hope is that the audience continues to watch the show and not be bitter toward it. Everything that is being done is supposed to be for the benefit of the show; we just have to give it a chance to see what in fact is going on. Because something was missing before James E. Riley came back as head writer. The show was slowly sinking and viewers werenít watching, but now the ratings have improved, so he is doing something right.

Allison Sweeny has grown to be a wonderful actress; she is doing a great job. I like Sami right now, she isnít being too bad. She still does stupid things but Sami is starting to mellow slowly. The scenes between Sami and John were awesome, they work very well together, and I would like to see Sami finally say to John that she does in fact love him as a father.

Iím not sure if I want a pairing between Jennifer and Patrick. They seem to work well together as actors, but Iím just not sure if Iím ready see her with someone new yet! But Iím open to a Nicole and Patrick romance there could be more possibilities there, and Iím sure mama Bonnie wouldnít object to her son Patrick going after the wealthy widow Nicole.

Last but certainly not least. The incredible (Electra Woman) Deidre Hall had been giving the best performances since the revelation that she is the Salem Stalker. Deidre is literally shining on the show right now, with her delivery of her lines to her fighting down in an open grave. Her physical and verbal acting is just incredible. I would be so depressed if we lost Deidre Hall as an actor on Days of our Lives. I know her character had done horrible unforgivable murder, but if they write her off the show it would be another horrific loss to the show.

The last thing I want to talk about in my opinion column is all the negativity that is going around about killed characters. Yes, it is terrible and horrible that talented actors are no longer on the show. But Iím starting to hate reading message boards any more, because like every fourth message is something on the order of we all should stop watching the show. I totally disagree with that concept. Donít quit watching it because it isnít going the way you want the story to go. That is why we watch a soap opera because of all the drama and twist and turns that goes along with it. How boring would it be, if we tuned in everyday to see every character very happy and nothing happening to them. We would get bored and quit watching.

I really like this storyline and I believe it is for the best of the show. The best part as well, is just because these characters are killed right now does not mean they are dead. How many times have we watched a return of a dead character? Think about the benefit it would be to bring back one of these characters later on down the road. Think about all the possibilities that are in store!

Hey itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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