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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

What a week it’s been in Salem. I, like many fans, was extremely upset this week, and began viewing the show with a different eye. My criticisms for this week run very deep, I’m sorry to say. I do have one very positive thing to say about this week’s episodes. I personally thought that the scenes with Sami and John were powerful! We’ve seen this building, watched as Sami has tried to reunite Marlena and Roman, and made desperate attempts to convince Marlena to get John out of her life. Who wants to believe their mother is capable of such monstrosities as all the brutal murders Marlena has committed? As we all know, Sami is in denial about many, many things. I was enchanted with Ali Sweeney’s performance during her confrontation with John. Clearly, John loves Sami like a daughter, but Sami doesn’t get it. I absolutely loved Lucas’s concerns for Sami, and how he comforted her. Lucas seems to be making bigger strides in accepting his feelings, but I don’t think Sami is far behind – she’s just dealing with a full plate right now.

I just shook my head at the whole Belle/Shawn thing. Shawn, the renegade – young-Bo-wannabe. No disrespect meant toward Jason Cook, but the chemistry is simply not there, in my opinion. This should not be a recreation of Bo and Hope from the 1980’s. However, the writers want to shove this relationship down our throats, and hear us call for more Shelle. The magic from that time cannot be recreated – no matter how hard the writers try.

As I watched each episode this week, it felt like a really cheesey “B-movie.” Poor quality, over acting, bad dialogue. The most noticeable scene was Marlena’s fall. It reminded me of an old “Batman” episode. I was waiting for “ZOINK!,” “POW!,” and “KABLAM!” to pop up on the screen. And Lexie’s comment that Sami broke Marlena’s fall sent me into fits of hysterical laughter.

I’ve read that the character of Jan Spears has been recast. What a pointless character. We’ve been down the Jan/Belle/Shawn triangle road before, and it wasn’t that great the first time. We don’t need a sequel. And I always have to chuckle at Jan, because she always looks like she’s dressed for a day at the office, while she’s sneaking around, prowling through Belle’s loft. Hate to say it, but this whippersnapper really needs to go back to Europe, and stay there.

Alice Horton’s death. So sad, and so very disrespectful, in my not so humble opinion. To have her choke on her own donuts was appalling. I was just grateful it was not as violent as Maggie’s death. Her death made me reminisce. My most fond memory of Alice was when she smuggled the file into prison to help Bo break out. Loved the way these two characters interacted, and his affectionate “Mrs. H.” Mrs. H, we will miss you more than words can express.

I suppose my anger this week stems from mendacious writing. Disregard for character development, and total lack of history. Characters change characteristics to suit the plot at any given moment. Veterans of the show have been given the proverbial boot, instead of the respect they have earned. I knew Alice’s death was coming. I was prepared to be shocked, but I was not prepared for the anger I felt. I’ve read many articles and opinions on the internet, but tried to keep an open mind. Clearly, the powers that be are going for ANY emotion, just to keep the show on the air. At this very moment, I feel DOOL is being kept alive by artificial means. Soaps are a dying genre, but this past week has been pure torture. If DOOL were a family member of mine, I would have asked that the plug be pulled, and put out of its misery. Maybe I’ll feel differently next week – only time will tell.

Page updated 12/7/12

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