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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 3/21/04 by Justin

The suspense on days grabs your attention from the beginning of the show up to the end. The constant atmosphere, with the characters thinking is Marlena the killer, is getting very exciting. For me personally, I really donít want Marlena to be caught for the fact that I fear that we will lose a very talented actress if Marlena is thrown in prison or executed, but Iím very anxious to see where in fact they take this storyline.

Many sources are pointing that Alice is going to fall into the hands of the serial killer. First off, it is terrible news to fathom that we will lose a much beloved character. But you have to think this will beat the writers saying she died in her sleep or had a stroke etcetera, plus this will give Frances Reid a send off to be part of a storyline that shocked the daytime community. Think about it one of Salemís most loved character Marlena killing daytimes most lovable matriarch Alice Horton.

As much as Bonnie annoys me, I believe that Iím starting to enjoy when she is on, just for the fact that you never know what she is going to say. I was shocked when Bonnie told Rex that he couldnít marry her daughter Mimi. For one thing, Bonnie pushed and pushed Mimi to get pregnant a few months ago by Rex, and now though that he has no money she tosses him aside, she is a fascinating character.

Tears fell when Doug was killed, and what made us cry was not that he was dead, but the song he started to sing and the flashbacks of Doug and Julie. This was the couple to watch twenty years ago, just like Mickey and Maggie itís like the end of an era, when beloved characters are taken away. There is comfort that Susan Seaforth-Hayes is staying on the show, because even though her real life husband has been taken off, the loyal Days of our Lives fans love to watch Julie get into mischief.

It was refreshing to see Shawn and Rex getting along and Shawn taking Rex to meet with Grandpa Shawn for advice. We have been cheated some great father son moment between Roman and Rex, and even though Kate is still around, I really donít see Kate and Rex getting any closer. Because, if they wanted another great moment they could have showed Rex asking advice from Kate and not Shawn.

It was fun to see Mimi turn the tables on Rex and ask him to marry her. I do like the pairing of Rex and Mimi and through all of the murders and pain and suffering we have been watching lately, Rex and Mimi might be the wedding event to see. Although, they are not strong leading characters Iím sure we all will be looking forward to a wedding, hopefully one wedding that no one will die at.

I like when Sami and Lucas are together and when they are not fighting. As soon as the bickering starts between them I lose interests and sometimes wish that Sami would lose her voice again, and Lucas slips back into a coma. But when they are decent to each other I do really enjoy the scenes they share. I would rather Sami end up with someone else that maybe isnít on the canvas, maybe a completely different character that we would never think Sami would fall for.

Iím looking forward to Nicole getting all of Victorís fortune. I have stated several times that I am fond of Nicole. She is portrayed as an incredibly tough woman, I mean she isnít a role model for her behavior, but she still is one tough cookie and she has potential to be a great villainous. I still say get Brady out of the mansion, and let her have a go at Patrick, they both seem to be conniving, and out for themselves, maybe they just might hit it off.

It was brought to my attention, and Iím sorry to say I didnít even catch this little flub. Before Marlena killed Doug, he ran to the church and the church doors were locked. Once police arrived many Salemites were shown inside the church lighting candle, but Father Jansen was never shown, so how did they get inside the church?

My final thoughts for the past few weeks of Days of our Lives, first Marlena is really good at mind games. If the show needs to have a villain or villainous look no further than Doc Evans. Marlena could be more catastrophic than Stefano.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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