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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Iíve been watching DOOL since practically the first day it aired. Granted, I was only a small child, but one thing I remember was Doug and Julie. Let us not forget Mickey, Maggie, Alice, and all the rest of the Hortons. So many changes have occurred since that time, but the Hortons have always been THE core family. Now, sadly, many of them are gone. Fortunately for us, many of them, such as Bill, have just left the country. This is a good thing for the viewers, because there is always a chance for a return.

Over the past several years, Iíve always looked forward to holidays and weddings, because it usually meant a return for our beloved Doug and Julie. Sadly, we no longer have Doug. Holidays just arenít going to be the same. Of course, nothing in Salem is the same. Marlena has seen to that. How exciting it must be for Diedre to portray this ďevilĒ person, and Iíll be very interested to learn what happened to turn her in to this psychotic, murdering machine.

In my opinion, Friday was by far the best episode this week. In a week filled with gloom, the viewers were treated to wonderful flashbacks of Doug and Julie throughout the years, their weddings, Hope as a child, their arguments, and the great love they shared. Knowing that this couple is married in real life, my hat goes off to Julie/Susan Seaforth-Hayes, because she is playing the grieving widow beautifully, and it must spark thoughts of losing her husband in real life.

It was also very nice to see Rex and Mimi in an upright position. For months, weíve not seen these two anywhere but in bed. Personally, Iím getting a little bit tired of this, and wondered if these two ever got out of bed? Iím also happy to see that Sami and Lucas are moving forward, albeit ever so slowly. I personally want to see this relationship come to fruition.

Iím a little disappointed in John, allowing himself to be manipulated by Marlena, and the tiresome ďStefanoĒ excuse. As we all know, Tek was right on the money Ė now letís see if he can convince the rest of Salem. The dream sequence, with Marlena watching Shawn and Belle was pretty darn good Ė and I must say, I was kind of sorry to see it was only a dream. Yes, Iím tired of Shawn and Belle. I feel the younger generation gets too much airtime. I suppose itís personal, because Iím no longer a part of that ďyounger generation.Ē I grew up with Bo and Hope, and my tolerance of the young people is wearing thin.

Page updated 12/7/12

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