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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

It is wonderful to see that Marlena is having a conscience after all. I like that she is reliving all of the deathís she has committed, and she is sort of showing remorse. It does show that it isnít the devil or a Marlena clone, but her herself. Which is great I like when it is the character and they donít have some loophole, which turns out to be an evil twin or clone, to get them out trouble. Iím getting antsy waiting to hear what the big twist is in May, itís only speculation now but I have a feeling it will be good.

There is some speculation that Marlenaís behavior is due to her pricking her finger on the sleeping beauty pillow that Stefano bequeathed to her after his death. Which could be, it would be interesting to see where they would take that story, but I have a feeling it is going to be something different.

Marlena is starting to get very creepy, and itís so great! For many years Marlena has been the good girl in Salem, except of course when the devil made her do it. It is great to add this suspense and wonder about why she is doing this, what started the killing spree? The more I think about the killer story line, Iím excited that they did in fact make Marlena the killer.

How dumb was Doug? If I suspected that Marlena was the killer I would not want to confront her. If I would see her in a cemetery I would be running the other way. Itís great to face your fears, but there is a point of being stupid and Doug reached that point.

When Marlena asked Doug to pray that would have been the perfect moment for Marlena to slit his throat or stab him what ever she decided to do. I was more shocked that she let him finish the prayers before pulling out the letter opener. Even though it wasnít what expected, Deidre Hall is doing a phenomenal job in this story.

Nicole is a fun character to watch. For a while she was getting a little on my nerves and I really didnít care for her hanging all over Brady, but I like this strong fighting Nicole that she are showing. I enjoyed her standing up to Bo and John about not being the killer. I almost fell out of my seat when she threw the glass against the wall over the safe, when that poor locksmith was working on it. Iím very interested in where they will take Nicole now since Victor is gone; maybe a pairing of Nicole and Patrick is in the future?

Their was a great comment Brady said to Nicole that this one night is feeling like a week has gone by. Well itís been longer than a week, this is still Valentine Day night if Iím not mistaken, and hello it is now March.

Iím getting bored with Sami and Lucas again. It was great to watch them together and finally confess that they had feelings. Then it changes again and Sami tells him to get lost. If they are going to be together then lets put them together and move on to something better for them to do besides all this bickering that is going on. Now that Victor is dead, Sami is in the clear again so give her a new starting point to cause trouble.

Can we make Bonnie any more annoying? I gave her a chance and she was entertaining at first, but now Iím not caring about the character. We have such a great actress playing the part and I donít want to see her go, but I think a character rewrite should be in order, lets make her a little un-annoying.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 11/29/12

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