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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion

Deidre Hall did a first-rate job this week as we found out that she was indeed the Salem Serial Stalker. The scenes between Deidre and Thaao (Tony) were wonderful, there is a lot of history between the two characters and they were well worth the watch.

Marlena was zany, which is a side of her personality that we never got to see before. The opening comment ďTony youíre just to smart for your own good.Ē was captivating. What about the kiss of death Marlena planted on Tonyís lips, talk about ďOh my God!Ē They had some pretty nice touches with the mention of Stefano and how Tony looked just like him, gave us a little of the motive behind her bizarre behavior, but not a lot. Iím really looking forward to where the story is going now. It will be great to watch Marlena in the killing scenes and not hiding behind the mask and cloak.

There is a wonderful interview with Deidre Hall in the February 3rd edition of Soap Opera Digest. Ms. Hall talks a great deal about her current story line it is a must read article for any Days of our Lives, or Deidre Hall fan.

Thaao did a great job fighting the tiger, of course there was no tiger on him, he still made it believable. Thaao is a talented actor and I hope that he gets to show his talent on another soap, because it is terrible that Days is letting so many great talented actor go, but hopefully all this if for the best and Days can move back to the top spot where it should be.

Julie hasnít been in Salem for an hour and she is already suspicious of Bonnie. Julie said that Bonnie was a gold digger, which she is, but this coming from a woman who has done it all in her time, really has no room to talk about others. She even made a comment about Will having Sami for a mother, Iím glad though that she said she wasnít the greatest mother, but still she should have stopped right there. But then again any Doug and Julie fans are love them just how they are!

Can someone get rid of Jan? From the moment she has walked back to Salem, I found no usefulness for her return. I did give her the benefit of the doubt for a while, but they havenít developed her any further and Iím starting to get annoyed by her. If she is going to do something, other than stalk her former schoolmates, can we get on with it?

When will the fine citizen of Salem start listening to Celeste, she has predicted everything and still they treat her like she is crazy, and has never been right yet. Hope at the beginning of the killing spree was a believer in Celesteís predictions, what has happened to change her mind? They have a resident psychic right there in town why not use her. Many psychic are used in police investigation, maybe itís time to start believing in the supernatural Salem!

There have been many speculations that John Aniston is next to be killed off. I might have said this statement before, but I think he should have died before Caroline. Donít get me wrong I think it would be great to have him stay on the show, but the story they could have done with leaving Caroline his fortune, could have caused some rippled waters in the Brady Pub.

Although the death of Victor would hopefully get Nicole home free, Iím interested in where they are going to be taking her once Victor is gone. It has been reported that Arianne Zuker (Nicole) has resigned with Days keeping her around a few more years. I will say she might not be my favorite character on the show, but I have liked her since she was a waitress at Salem place.

Overall Days of our Lives despite the killing of many beloved characters is getting really good to watch. There is a lot happening inn each episode and there are a lot of flashbacks as well. I do like flashbacks, but not when it was from the show you watch the day before that gets mundane after a while. But if you havenít been watching, itís time to start.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 11/29/12

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