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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Days is really worth watching lately. First off Wednesday Jan 28th the Salem Stalker is revealed, and Iím sure we all know by now that the killer is the beloved Marlena. I have been having speculation that it was she, but it was shocking to read in the Soap Opera Digest that in fact it is Marlena, and not a look alike, nor is it going to be Marlena possessed.

I do find the killing loopy. Abe his reaction, it made sense that it could be Marlena, because of the way he acted when the killer approached him. He seemed very calm and out of danger. Jacks death I donít recall anything out of the ordinary that would lead us to another suspect.

Maggie death is where the holes start to form. First off, Maggie saying to the killer I donít know if you know this or not, but Iím a recovering alcoholic, Marlena knew that she didnít drink, in fact Marlena was one of her closest friends after all.

Caroline we really never saw any killer contact, so moving on to Cassie.  Cassie really didnít seem that shocked when she discovered that Marlena was the killer, the only thing she said when she called was how did you know that I knew. You would think having the only mother figure in your life turn out to be the killer, you would be a little more shocked and emotional.

Roman was surprised by the killer identity, but you would think if it was Marlena that it would be ďHow could it be you!Ē type dialogue. I just think that once it is revealed that it is in fact Marlena, the killing will get more interesting, because the people will be like this isnít you Marlena, what is going on.

Bonnie is a hoot at times. She is so out for money that it drives her to do very retarded stuff. You couldnít help but love her when she was searching for those hideous clown glasses and found a flask in her pocket and she just took a couple of drinks. You know Bonnie and Nicole should meet up at a bar and try to out drink each other.

Shawn, Phillip, and Rex sure didnít want to ware those tights they had to for the high wire act, but they sure didnít take them off when they were done with the act. You would think for not feeling to comfortable in them like they had vocalized to the women, right after it was over they would have changed into regular clothes. They must have forgot they were wearing them?

It is Tonyís own stupidity for being attacked by the tiger. He had plenty of time to announce the killerís identity, but chose to keep rambling on and on about telling them, that he never got to it. If you are that stupid then I guess you should be attacked. You will have to admit that he did have some pretty cool scenes at the circus, even though it is terrible to lose a talented actor, but by now we are getting used to it, right?

I will be the first to admit when I heard the idea for Jennifer to get pregnant and then have to chose to end her pregnancy to save her own. I wasnít too happy with the idea. Now, my attitude has changed on the current story. Iím really interested in what the writers are going to do. This takes the heart pounding focus off the killer for a few moments and focuses on a grieving family pulling together and splitting apart at times. We need some more storylines to take our minds off the murders, it will add to the show new richness it has.

I love how they added Aliceís birthday as one of the attractions at the circus. Although it was sweet, I began to think they might be using her as a sideshow, you see people of Salem you can live to be this age in Salem. (Since most of the characters die much early on in there lives.) Also Alice said I thought you all have forgotten my birthday, yeah right you know they remember it every year.

Are we getting a new Billie or is she going to be one of those off the camera deals where we the fans get cheated out of a fan favorite character. If it isnít Krista or Lisa then lets not bring her back, because many fans were sore over brining Lisa Rinna back and then having nothing for her to do. I was hoping that it would have been Greta they would have brought back.

John Clarke who plays Mickey, as opted to retire. I say good for him! He earned his right to retire. He has played Mickey since 1965 and that is a big deal for a soap opera actor. I really will hate to see him leave, but I also hate that they are recasting him. There are some roles that should never be a recast and Mickey is one of them. My thought is when an actor plays a role for 38 years that is his role, they should just write off the character.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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