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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

I feel that Jackís death was rushed. It was like he was walking in the alley and then he was hit over the head. It would have been so much better if they had built up the momentum for the attack, then it would have been edge of the seat good. What they should have done was show the figure and then show Jack that way you knew something was going to happen. The only positive thing to come from the death was adding more depth to Jen and Jackís daughter Abby, we are seeing her character being developed.

Melissa Reeves did an awesome job like always. You could see the hurt in her eyes and her body language. Another characteristic I saw was how strong Jennifer really was, even though she is hurting and going through so much emotional pain, the strength of Jennifer came through as in the scenes deciding to take Jack off life support. There was excellent writing in those scenes.

I loved that fact the Jennifer got to see Jack from beyond the great unknown. This was a wonderful way for the fans to say goodbye to one of Salem favorite couples. It reminded me a lot of the movie Ghost when you all know at the end Molly gets to see Sam one last time and everyone watching it cries. I can just imagine all the Jack and Jennifer fans with their tissues watching them. This was most likely the shows way to make up to the fans the poor reason behind Jackís demise.

Maggie is the character to watch, Suzanne is doing such a fantastic job right now that it almost makes me ill, that Maggie will no longer be in Salem. I watch the show and think how can they do this to an actress with an incredible amount of talent. Iím looking forward to watching the last few days with Suzanne, she is very high on my list of all time favorite Days of our Lives actresses. Suzanne Rogers deserves her second Emmy for this current story, she is just doing a terrific job!

Iím getting irritated by Shawn always accusing Rex of the killings, so I have a feeling that Rex is not the serial killer. I used to like Shawn, but now I dread when he comes on. When he doesnít mention Rex itís a very good day, but as soon as that conversation starts I have to fight the impulse to change the channel. Now it seems Phillip is going to pick up where Shawn leaves off, please lets get past this!

To make Belle trip to Italy more believable she should have been attacked. Or clues left behind to think that the killer would attack Belle. Kristen is leaving to film her Disney movie, but still to me it seemed cheesy just how fast it was put together when really Belle wasnít in danger.

The cliffhangers that the show is using now to end almost every episode is as well liked as ants are at a picnic, but I do like watching them it makes you wonder what is going to happen, and it builds on the suspense of the show. I also like the previews that they are showing for tomorrowís episodes. They used to do this a few years ago then they stopped and now they have been on for a while, this make you want to see the next days show, which is a great marketing technique.

New rumors that I have been told are circulating that either John or Marlena is the serial killer. John I have suspected since the beginning of the whole serial killer story. Marlena though was out of town when Abe was killed, and unless she left early from Colorado. I would personally love the idea of Marlena have a story as huge as the serial killer, but I wouldnít hold my breath on this, but then again who would have thought Marlena as the devil?

The more I watch Lucas and Sami the less I want them together as a couple any more. Too much has been said and done between them. The constant he killed them she killed them is a lot of mistrust, so how can a relationship be built on a fault line, when at any moment it will be torn apart?

Iím excited to see Kimberlyís return to Salem Iím hoping they might bring her on permanently since she has been coming back more often for visits. There is also speculation that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) could pop in with Kimberly, this would be because of Carolineís death. It this happens it would be a VCR taping event for any long time Days fans to see all the Brady children together again.

Hey, itís just what I think!!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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