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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Dave

I must say that, as a now 39-year-old man, I hate to cry, but I am considered a very sensitive man. I hated to see James Reynolds' (Abe Carver) character disappear from the show after so many wonderful years, but his performance in the end was unbelievable and unforgettable. That is the first time I cried in a long time, as did my wife.

Then came Matthew Ashford’s character (Jack Deveraux). This truly hit close to home as I watched my father die in the hospital (with the same DNR orders). My father left behind a wonderful and loving wife and three sons. It was once four, but my favorite brother, Jeff, also a DOOL fan, died two years prior to my father in 1994 and left behind 3 beautiful children. Watching Jack die was very heartwrenching, but his performance as “the ghost” was even more gut wrenching. My wife and I watched this episode today in the back room of her office.

It seemed like we could not wait to watch the taped version this evening, even though we did. I believe that Matthew Ashford put on a performance like no other daytime soap star ever has. That wink that he gave I feel was to show the loyal fans of DOOL that everything was going to be just peachy in the days, months, and years to come.

For quite some time, I was getting worried that Days of our Lives was going by the wayside because of the characters that were getting killed off. But, I know that this is just the beginning. I actually see Shawn and Belle getting married soon, since this is the only way that they can save their relationship, now that Jack is gone. I see some old characters coming back from “the dead” -- maybe Dr. Rolf who adds some humor to the program like Jack did, or Colin Murphy who seems like a character that just can’t die. I see the possibility of poor John Black losing Kate and Sami as employees and that Sami may even overhear something that can incriminate John in the murders because of his relationship with Stefano DiMera as a ruthless mercenary. Of course, these are accusations that can be thrown out by wonderful Tony DiMera.

If Colin Murphy is still alive, I see him making a run for Jennifer. But, unfortunately Jennifer is so far gone from the realization of Jack’s death, that this attempt at winning her heart is just not going to work! See Jennifer and Harold working together at the Salem newspaper to help bring justice to Salem.

I then see Abby and Will trying to bring Sami and Lucas together, which I wish would happen, and they become a team to help solve the murders.

I see Rex becoming a possible target since he begins to have more visions through his headaches and actually sees the murderer and goes to Lexie about it.

Then there is the part about Lexie. I see her deciding that, since she works around so much death in the hospital, she secretly goes to work for either the Salem Police Department or the ISA without Tony’s knowledge. This would be interesting, I think. Who knows, I have never written a script in length before.

What about Brady and Nicole? I see them getting closer and Nicole decides to sleep with Brady somehow and she talks in her sleep about the shooting of Colin Murphy. Brady overhears this and confronts Victor and then decides to go to the police and Nicole is finally arrested for the murder of Colin Murphy. However, there is still not enough evidence about her connections with the deaths of Abe and Jack.

It is discovered that she is found innocent later of the shooting of Colin Murphy, and that is actually was a self-defense issue.

I think Mimi and Rex call it quits after Jack’s death. Rex continues to have headaches and they get worse and worse. He argues with her that Jack got what he deserved and that brings down the house between the two. Then Mimi secretly meets with Tony and tells him the truth about Rex and Cassie. He practically wants to kill her because of such news.

I see the House of DiMera begin to fall apart as Tony investigates Mimi’s news. During the investigation, it is discovered that Bart already knows about this disastrous information and is fired. His life is threatened, but he goes into hiding. It is later discovered that he is working as an informant for the Salem Police Department. Sami attempts to save face with Tony and tells him about Bart. Tony puts a hit out on Bart and voila, Bart becomes an indirect victim.

Tony confronts the twins about the news and they lie at first, but something that Cassie does proves that they are not true DiMeras. This makes her an eventual target as well. Cassie and Rex are thrown out of the DiMera mansion and they go driving off together. They are in a car accident and Rex is in a coma, while Cassie is recovering. She walks into Rex’s hospital room and somehow is able to read his mind about the murders. She now knows who the murderer is, possibly, and is shocked at what she sees.

Finally, for now, I see that Kate and Roman begin to again work things out, as it is discovered that there is no way that Kate was involved with the murders. However, their new relationship is rocky since Kate finally tells Roman what she did while under the influence of Stefano DiMera. Roman says that it will take some time for him to get over this news, but there is still hope.

There is a great deal more that I am thinking about, and I know that you already have plenty as I have seen in my e-mails, but after the final scenes with Matthew Ashford, I had to write something finally.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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