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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

What a powerful and emotional show Abe’s death was. Renee Jones (Lexie) did an excellent job sobbing and basically falling apart when Abe flatlined. It was very odd to have so many people in the hospital room with him. I understand the cops should have been, but did we really need John, Roman, Bo, and Hope in there? I think at least one cop, Lexie, and Celeste should have been in the room. I was also horrified when the doctor said for people to leave and Celeste left. It should have been the cops. Celeste was there for her daughter and son-in-law.

I do find it rather odd that Lexie is back to work so soon. She seemed to take Abe’s death so hard, and the next day she is working. It just doesn’t go with her character, besides I would be afraid she wasn’t in the best frame of mind to help others.

How creepy Abe’s last word was. Maggie and he pointed at her, as she looked in through the window. “I thought maybe he was saying goodbye,” Maggie saying bewildered. The writing is very clever even though I don’t care for the loss of our beloved characters; the show has my full attention.

Sami was starting to pull on my heart strings as she hysterically crying to John about how everyone is going to be accusing her of shooting Abe, then to find out this was a performance for sympathy, I just had to laugh. Allison should be awarded with outstanding scene-stealer, because Sami did take away from Abe’s big moment.

I have recently heard the Days may kill off Marlena, which is very doubtful in my opinion. I started to think about Marlena’s death and came up with, yes in fact the killer may go after Marlena, but will kill Hattie instead. (The show had said they are using the serial killer to tie up loose ends the show has, meaning characters never seen.) The people of Salem unaware that Hattie looks almost identical to Marlena will believe she is dead. This gives Stefano another attempt to get his revenge on he
beloved queen of the night by capturing her before any one realizes what happened.

It is starting to get hard watching Maggie actually doing something and realizing that soon she will no longer be on the show. She has been a major character on Days for years, and she is proving that she can do more than just stand around and twiddle her thumbs. Is the show trying to get more attached to her, just to have her yanked away?

Hopefully the show realizes that they shouldn’t kill Maggie off, but if they do plan on proceeding with it, at least let her be the last victim. The writers should have her find the body of the recent victims. This way it will be a build up to her emotional final scenes, hopefully a great fight/struggle.

Some one brought to my attention that maybe the killer could turn out to be Mickey, which is unlikely, and the reason Maggie is suppressing the memories is because it is her devoted husband. It would make a great story, highly unlikely though!

Sami, Kate, Lucas, Rex, Tony, Victor, or Nicole could be the killer. Well, time will tell. Unfortunately it is none of those seven disturbed individuals. Who knows maybe it will turn out to be Mimi’s mother.

Jack death was rushed to soon, there was no drama to the incident of his murder. It seemed to be over in a blink of an eye, which is peculiar for James E. Riley’s writing style. I was waiting for slow motion or a struggle, not for the scene we were forced to watch. Maybe the rumors are true Mr. Riley just don’t like Matt Ashford!!

I am curious to where they will lead Jennifer’s character now, without Jack. They have been a great couple to watch for many years. It is like an end to an era when a fan-favorite couple is permanently split up. Will we be ready to see Jennifer with somebody new?

Closing thought, you would think after not having an alibi for Abe’s murder. The luck seven suspects would have been more cautious in order to prevent another run in with the law, like they are facing now with Jack’s death! Come on, I myself would make sure someone documented everything I did from the time the police questioned me until the real killer was caught.

Hey, it’s just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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