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2003 Our Opinion!

By Justin W.

First, I will say I think Days is picking up momentum. Before you could watch a show and be put to sleep before the hour is over, but now I find myself at the edge of my seat waiting for what is coming next. This is how a show should be, so the audience will want to watch again tomorrow.

Abeís shooting was really bizarre to me; it seemed like out of the blue everyone wanted the poor man dead. It seemed rushed, and not very convincing, I mean by some of the people who wanted him dead. It was a very sad day when he was shot, because now another of our loved characters will be next. I really did like Abe, he was one of the most realistic characters I have watched on days, but I guess out with the old and in with the new is the motto of out new head writer.

Lucas and Sami are really starting to annoy me right now. Every time something happens Lucas is always blaming Sami. This time though she did want Abe dead and stole a gun to shoot him. But also Lucas was planning the same thing and he is pointing his finger at her.

Another character that is really annoying is Shawn. I find myself cringing when Shawn is on, because all he does is blame Rex for everything. I donít want the killer to be Rex, which I think it is not, just for the fact that Shawn will have to swallow his pride and eat a little crow.

I have recently heard that now the story lines are zipped and not a word is supposed to be spoken about what is going to happen. Apparently the cast as well has no idea who is supposed to be offed. I will like not knowing, because it will add to the suspense, where if you are able to find the rumors on the internet it kind of takes the suspense away, I think this will be good for ratings.

Kateís past about being a hooker sure was easy to find out about. If Abe was able to find that info that fast, Roman may already know about her past as a call girl. Even though it is an awful secret, I canít believe Kate wanted Abe dead over that. It is just so out of character, as well as Sami wanting Abe dead to get Brandon back.

I did find the flash back on the one who shot Abe very interesting. They were talking so they were friendly with one another. That got me thinking that maybe the shooter wasnít any of the seven we saw. Maybe it could be someone you least expect to be the killer. My prediction, maybe it will turn out to be John?

Hey, itís just what I think!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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