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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Melissa M.

Furor Loquendi
Week of August 25 - August 29

The Secrets We Keep

Okay, before I just wanted to know, now I'm really curious. What is the secret Kate is hiding from Roman? What does it have to do with Stefano?

I'm not real good at predicting what soap characters' secrets are, but I'm going to take a stab at this anyway. We know it has something to do with surviving and taking care of Lucas, so I think Kate either slept with Stefano or donated the eggs that helped conceive the twins in exchange for money.

Does that sound realistic or even possible? Let’s wait and see what the secret is, and if it’ll really separate Roman and Kate.

Also, what is the deal with Kate’s fixation on Lucas and Sami? Why is her and Roman’s children always the hot topic? Maybe if she stopped talking about them so much and focused on the relationship she’s in, I’d like them better.

Family Feud

I know Sami and John have never gotten along, (she still hasn’t forgiven him or her mother for doing the horizontal tango on the Titan boardroom table while she was still married to Roman) but Monday’s episode took their hatred and dysfunction to a new height.

John insulted his stepdaughter to her mother and refused to believe in her while across town she ripped him out of family photos and burned them cursing his name.

Sami’s rants to Tony further cemented that though it happened many years ago and she hadn’t refered to it in a long time, she still remembers and is still angry. Phrase like, “snake in the grass” while frowning or  “if they [John and Kate] play with fire, they’re gonna get burned” while smiling wickedly.

John’s words at almost the exact time convinced me less then Sami’s words did. “Her anger [towards me] burns a hole through me,” he stated to Marlena. Please! You were insulting her just a few minutes ago, now her anger hurts you? You destroyed her family, while you and Marlena, and then you expect her to love you? What drug are you on?

Not Seeing The Scam

For a master manipulator, Sami doesn’t know when she’s being played. She’s been burned before by Tony, so why is she so trusting of him again? Because he gave her  priceless jewelry?

Tony hurt Sami before when he helped Lexi set her up and then when he threw her through the glass doors, yet she insist he’s changed and that he’s now her friend. Since when has Sami been that trusting of anyone? We all know she doesn’t trust anyone as far as she can throw them, so why is Tony the exception? I can’t wait for Sami to see what Tony is doing and plot her revenge.

Like A Bird

When things get tough, the guilty get going. So is the case with the latest Kiriakis wife.

Fearing that Victor will turn her in for Colin’s murder and not willing to live by his rules, Nicole buys a ticket out of town, sneaks out of the prison she lives in and makes it to the plane. Too bad, that her husband has eyes everywhere and the power to make anything happen. I found it freaky when he told her no matter where she goes, he has someone there to bring her back to him. Then he forbid her from blossoming a friendship with Brady any further.

If I were Nicole, I’d go back to Plan A and find someone else who hates Victor as much as she does and try killing him one more time.

The Tough Guy

We know Celeste and Grams words shook Hope, but Bo seemed skeptical and unaffected. He soon changed his tune though, when door start flying open and the house starts to creak. What seemed really weird though, was the man outside of the house that was spying through the window.

Enough of the creepy figure though, the best part was when Hope kicked Bo out of the bedroom. He tossed and turned on the couch while she did the same in their room. They both get up and meet half way up the stair where they kiss and go back to their bed together. If only real-life couples were like that.

All In The Family

When Lexie and Abe talked and played with their son before receiving the letter from Brandon, I started thinking, "How did Abe manage to forgive his wife for cheating on him, and with not just anybody, but with his own son?"

If I were in his position, and my husband (I’m not old enough for one yet, but we’ll let that slide) cheated on me with my daughter, I wouldn’t forgive as easily as Abe forgave Lexie, if I even forgave him at all.

So now, not only did he forgive their indiscretion, but they all talk and act as if it never happened. What is that about? Did they all suddenly get a case of amnesia?

Youngsters In Love

Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Cassie, Rex, and Philip make up the teen scene and everyone seems to have gotten bitten by the love bug. Belle wants Shawn and she wants him, but Philip wants Belle and Cassie’s after Shawn. As Shawn and Belle lip-sync to each other while dancing around her half painted loft, Philip and Cassie watch, wanting to be in on the lovefest.

I really want to know what Cassie has planned for Shawn and Belle and if it’ll really work. Shawn and Brady seem to be the only Salemites that Cassie could have a relationship with, every other young hot guy she’s related to.

Rex and Mimi seem to the be the only ones that don’t have to worry about outside threats to their relationship, Rex does a great job of tearing it down slowly from the inside out. I love Eric Winter and Farah Fath and I love their character’s unique history too, but if the writers don’t pull Rex out of the rut they’ve dug him in, then Rex and Mimi will not be able to function as a couple. I really want them together, but not when he treats her so badly. Write to the powers-that-be and demand they redeem this couple before it’s too late.

Well, that's my opinion for this week of life in Salem. Until the next exciting week in Salem, I’m signing off .

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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