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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Melissa M.

Busy, Always Busy
Week of August 11 - August 22

Worth Full

Jack hasn't had the best track record with Jennifer. Still, after everything that's happened between them, Jack is a very sweet man.

After waking up in each other's arms, Jack announces he wants to find out find out who attacked Bo and Hope before working on a new mystery story.

After everything Jack pulled in the last year or two to win back Jen (pretending to be gay, for example) I think it's sweet that he wants to prove himself to Tom Horton (even though the Horton patriarch is dead) worthy of Jennifer's love. I love the new Jack and I'm sad to see Matthew go. He was and will always be the best Jack Deveraux.

I Want To Be Like Mom And Dad

Days writer had the right idea when they paired the offspring of super couples Marlena/John and Bo/Hope. We knew since the moment that Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook took over the roles, that whether you hated them or liked them, they would eventually become a super couple like their parents.

We however, never predicted would have predicted that they'd become the just like their parents; always willing to solve any mystery, no matter how dangerous the situation is.

Breaking into the DiMera house and snooping through Rex's computer as he and other guards wandered around the house. Their knack for danger hasn't gotten them in trouble yet, putting aside when Rex caught Shawn on his computer, but it might one day.

Until then, I enjoy their attempts at playing Bond/Nancy Drew.

The Omens

The super couple just gets into one situation after another. Fresh out of the hospital, they've already declared war with the Dimeras and have had Grans & Celeste sensing that more danger is on the way.

When Stefano died, I thought the DiMera/Brady and DiMera/Black wars had end and the writers would get past those stupid feuds. With the recent attacks on their lives and the fact Tony was unaccounted for at that moment Bo is certain Tony did it.

Now candles are turning themselves off, doors are swing open by themselves, their pictures are hiding themselves, and the local psychic is saying their presence sends off bad vibes. Is it possible one half of this might couple will die when a killer (not the one that tried at the fashion show) lets loose in Salem? We already know Abe and Jack will be victims, but will Bo and/or Hope be victims too?

Dangerously In Love

Mimi, Mimi! Rex treats her badly and she run back into his arms two days later. Rex has really big anger problems, she shouldn't run back to him when he treats like he does.

In the past two weeks, he's exploded at her a total of ten times for stupid stuff like telling the truth and not deceiving people. Now, she knows he may even be a killer and still, she does nothing. Ever thing right now is pointing to future physical abuse (the mental has already started) and she stands by his side, takes it all, and does nothing.

I know Mimi hasn't been the best person in the past, hooking up with Jan and plotting Chloe's downfall, but she doesn't deserve to be treated like she doesn't count. I really want them together, but if I had a choice between no Rimi and the Rimi that's appearing right now- I'd choose to cut the losses and move on. 

One Step Closer...

...But still not close enough. This will they, won't they thing the writers have with Lucas and Sami is really frustrating!

I know to immediately hook up couple means they most likely won't last, but the second Lumi fans got a glimpse of what they most wanted, they wanted more. We've been patient- settling for the almost kisses, longing glances, glimpse of jealousy, moment of regret and understanding and deeply enjoyed the dream/daydream sequences- but now many fans (including myself) are tired of the writers saying soon, soon, soon.

They say they'll get closer by the end of the year (End of the year!!!! Don't you think you're going a little too fast their sparky? Isn't sexual tension for ten years too short of a time.), a way to establish more depth and a genuine connection.

What more depth do those two need! They were friend and co-schemers then they turned into enemies. They've tried to destroy and save each other's lives. And a genuine connection? They share a son, they once told the other everything! Is that not enough? At the end of the year what will we get, huh? Will our Christmas present be that they kiss? I hope so, the writers already have many fans angry, and to get our hopes up to let us down could get ugly.

Mother Of Mine

I know Sami is not a saint. She's been a very bad person and done bad things, even if she thought they were for a good reason. Most times I sided with Marlena when she told Sami that she was wrong.

Still, when times get tough your mother helps you up not knocks you down. For Marlena to listen to John instead of her own heart and vote against Sami- twice!- to keep her job was really mean.

How is her daughter going to take care of her grandchild? She doesn't want Sami getting closer to Tony, and yet she is subconsciously doing that. How is a single mother going to take care of her son and her bills without a job? Turn to her rich friend! Way to go Doc.

The Ick Factor: Take Two

The audience knows that Cassie and Philip are brother and sister. Cassie knows they're siblings, so why on earth would she even for one second have a fantasy with him.

I could understand Philip doing that, he doesn't know any better. To him Cassie is just another hot girl wanting to spend time with him. Cassie has known for a while Philip was her brother, all feelings or developing feelings should have been erased long ago.

Take their attraction away and they could make very good siblings. She's a bitch with a hidden sensitive side (yes it's really there!) and he's a caring soul with a subdued ruthless side (yes, he does have one. As some of you may remember, he wasn't exactly that nice to Chloe when she first arrived.)

Well that my opinion for this week of life in Salem, until the next exciting week in Salem, I'm signing off.

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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