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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Melissa M.

Different Types of Love
Week of August 4 - August 8

In One Ear And Out The Other

Men just don't seem to listen. Both Roman and Shawn proved that on Wednesday's episode.

Arriving at Basic Black (the day before the huge fashion show), they rushed into Kate's office after being told not to by her secretary and received a scolding from their ladies.

Kate and Belle sure repaid their meddling and interrupting beaus by having them model.

When Things Heat Up

The words, "I think I should take you to bed", have never sounded as good as when they came from Lucas's mouth and into Sami's ears.

The writers seem to still be playing with Lumi (the pairing of Sami/Lucas) fans. One second they're inches away from kissing each other after eight plus years, the next second they're insulting each other like enemies and threatening to kill one another.

Make up your minds already! You know what the fans want, what they've wanted for years, and yet you still ignore them and do what you think we want. Why not- for once- listen to us (the fans), give us what we want and then sit back and wait for us to thank you?

Oh, well. Let's see what next week is like. Will they or won't they?

Trouble, We Like (A lot)

If there's one thing that can be said about Bo and Hope, beside the fact that they make a great couple, is that they love getting into trouble. If she's in trouble, then he's on the way. If he's in trouble, she's working on a plan. And if they're both in trouble, they're putting their heads together to worm out of it despite the odds against them.

As Bo pointed out, this is the second time they've been tied up this summer and they should be able to "get out of it with their hands tied behind there backs" (ha ha ha!). The whole situation was boring, though, until the flashbacks began. It's nice to be reminded every once in a while about the history they share. It is also a way for newbies like me, who haven't been watching the show that long, to see what we missed.

My favorite of the flashbacks shown was Hope's almost-wedding to Larry. I'd read about it in magazines and online, but to actually see it and hear Bo pleading words to Hope made my eyes sting with tears. And the ending, with them riding off into the sunset (figuratively speaking) reminded us all of why Bo and Hope are a Supercouple.

Victim Of Love

Rex and Mimi have been named, by many fans, the cutest couple in Salem- Supercouple in training, as some have kindly named them. Even though I like them together, it doesn't take away from the fact that I don't like how Rex treats Mimi.

I know where Rex and his sis were raised and how it was a horrible environment, but that by no means justifies his bullying, tyrant ways. Every time she mentions his biological father and how the world should know, he flies off the handle.

I understand that she loves him, and I think they belong together. If he gets the much-needed therapy (and possibly some anger management classes), I'll like them better. I applaud Mimi for rejecting Rex's flowers and empty excuses for his temper. Leaving town for a while might be best.

In Trouble Again

The Bradys like to get out of one situation and into another. At the end of this week, the cliffhanger is- Who attacked Bo and Hope?

As everyone came out to take their bows before the show continued, the lights shut off, and when they came back on, Bo and Hope were on the floor in a pool of blood. Does everyone want to hurt this family?

The Ick Factor

Cassie and Philip, Philip and Cassie. They would make a cute couple; only one problem, they're related.

So you can understand why, when Philip complimented a nearly-naked Cassie on her appearance, I felt kinda uncomfortable. They share a parent, a blood tie, and for him to say she looked "hot" in the lingerie made my stomach flip. Last time I checked, marrying your sib was against the law.

Well, that's my opinion for this week of life in Salem, until the next exciting week in Salem, I'm signing off.

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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