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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Melissa M.

Alliances, Fights, Truths, and Lies
(and it's not all from Lucas and Sami)
Week of July 28 - August 1

Every Dog Has Its Day In Court

From the beginning we knew that Cassie's solicitation charges were ridiculous. That didn't change the fact that Roman charged her with them. Then, when the court date came around, he decided to testify in her favor.

What type of case is that really? You charge someone with a crime and then you testify on her behalf? You think maybe his subconscious told him to save his daughter?

Sibling Rivalry

The look on Cassie and Rex's faces when Sami not only talked to them, but stunned them by repeating their secret to them, was priceless. Their expressions got even better when Sami reveled that Rex had spilled the beans when he thought she was asleep.

They then proceeded to make threats back and forth until Sami sided with Rex at the DiMera mansion. As she told him, "In other words, I'm with you as long as it's good for me."

What is Sami planning? Is she planning on marrying Tony like she told the twins? Or is she trying to make her feelings for/daydreams of Lucas disappear?

My favorite moment between Sami and the twins would have been when Sami asked Cassie, "Have you ever had your ass kicked?" before lunging towards her.

LUMInous Together

After all the difficulties those two have had, I can understand why it's so hard for them to trust each other and get along, but with the recent daydreams you'd think they'd be awkward around each other.

No, instead they're still fighting, the only difference being they're not doing it as often.

When Lucas defended Sami to both Victor and his mom and then invited her for lunch, I guess it was a nice start for a relationship basis.

It seemed for a second at the lunch, that they'd gone back to being friends, tag teaming Brady and Nicole at the Blue Note and scheming at the table. How great would it be if the writers made this permanent? It'd be about time. Eight years of waiting is too long.

Bump in the road

Supercouples are suppose to be, well, super. John and Marlena have a very unique history together. Though they've had their disagreements, none have been as big as they have been about Tony.

First Marlena wants Tony safe and John doesn't, then John wants Tony safe and Marlena doesn't. I think it would be better for those two if the subject of Tony never entered their thoughts again.

That's What Friends Are For

How nice of Brady to fire that bartender that recognized Nicole as Locker Room Lolita. Brady has been there through her nightmares, her fights with Victor, and even after finding out her past.

Rumors have been spreading that the off-screen couple would become on-screen, but the ABC reps and the actors themselves deny those rumors.

Even though they deny it, the material that makes it on air seems to be proving otherwise. Could the writers be telling the truth or are they trying to fool us?

Sibling Unity

Cassie and Philip have been getting along rather well lately. He gave her a bunny, she let him through her tough outer shell and see the sensitive, vulnerable person she really is.

With her keen senses, Cassie has noticed that her half-bro is in love with Belle. That seems to be fine with her since, throughout everything that's happened, she's still after Shawn.

Are the siblings going to be teaming up to separate the two future supercouples? Philip seems reluctant, but Cassie knows the buttons to push and manipulate things to her advantage.

She reminds me of young Sami, who she was when she first arrived in Salem. Maybe manipulation runs in the family? After all, Kate is her mother and Sami is her sis.

Well that my opinion for this week of life in Salem. Until the next exciting week in Salem, I'm signing off .

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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