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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

I have to say I had a change of heart about certain couples that are getting paired together. First, I had a revelation about Nicole and Brady. After watching them together at the swimming pool, while Brady was showing off his modeling moves, they didnít seem to make a bad couple. It was the first time since they have been thrown together, that I actually thought that they have a chance to be to make a good couple, they must be growing on me.

I will say I still donít like Kate and Roman together, but I will admit they do work together well. Kate will not put up with Romanís juvenile male jealously fits, and he wonít put up with her being a spoiled rich brat. Instead of giving them two thumbs up I will give one thumb up, they might have potential to make a good couple, they just still annoy me sometimes.

Sami and Lucas need to just give in to each other, they both know that they have feelings for one another, but they are just holding back. This could just be a ploy for the viewers to get more engrossed to them. They are both so similar in nature that they hopefully will be a great duo to watch in future stories. They are on their way to being the couple everyone loves to hate.

I am a little disappointed that Rex and Mimi broke up, but their relationship moved extremely too fast anyways. It was just a matter of time for them to need a little space away from each other. Although, Rexís headache will make him the prime suspect for the serial killer, it is unlikely it will be him, but it will make it interesting to see what will happen between Rex and Mimi when this all goes down.

Shawnís comment about taking off the purity ring, making love, then putting it back on so their little tryst wouldnít count. That is a so guy response that I could actually hear people I know saying that. That was clever dialog. Belle and Shawn are a couple that have mostly remained constant with their relationship, but they are getting dull. I was thinking that Belle might end up losing her virginity to Phillip and not Shawn. That certainly would spice up the Belle and Shawn story.

Itís great to see that John and Marlena are as in love now as they were many years ago. It doesnít seem that their love has fizzled out any, which is refreshing to watch on a soap, especially since no couples ever stay together for long. This is one couple that doesnít need to be messed with; they just need their own story to be involved in, not just Cassie, Rex, and Belleís.

I caught something that maybe I just didnít hear quite right. Lucas said that Sami didnít have a high school diploma, but yet she went to Salem University and got a 4.0. How could she go to college take the investing classes? Shouldnít she be going to get her GED? I might have just missed the whole thing all to together, but still it would be good for Days to do a story of a character going to get their GED, it would send out a good message to the audience.

The fashion show was marvelous! I love when all of the characters are together in one place. You could really see the personalities shining through in some of the scenes. We all probably have heard by now that Victor was going to have a stoke/heart attack and that Bo and Hope would be attacked at the fashion show. Even though we know it was approaching, it is exciting and shocking to actually see it play out.

Belle screaming was perfect, since this was Belleís big event it was just was well they had Belle spot the injured Bo and Hope first. The cast did a wonderful job as the ensemble.

I will say Jack and Jen are going to get a positive review for me this time around. For once their stupid talk show was worth watching. It actually had a point for once. A nice touch was Victor watching the show from his house that was great! I just wish other characters would tune into the show, or at least mention it, when it is on. Even though I donít like this story for Jack and Jen, for a show that is supposed to be high in ratings, not too many characters mention the fact that it is on.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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