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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

Sami regained use of her voice and with in two minutes, Tony had been stabbed and Cassie and Rex are being blackmailed. I love the fact that Sami never changes. I was starting to think that this might have been Sami’s new beginning to become a respectable citizen in Salem, but I’m glad she is not on that path yet. She is so much more fun to watch this way. The show was getting to the point where it was bland to watch, but Sami has just spiced it up a notch.

The Days of our Lives’ writers are getting really bold with the dialog recently. I heard many characters say “ass” a lot more, plus they are saying “pissed” instead of the usual I’m furious with you. Then, Maya talking about a three-some with Bo and Shawn-D, my jaw fell open on that one. It is good though that they are taking some bolder risks it keeps the suspense going, and makes us wonder what will be said next.

It is wonderful that the older cast members are being seen a little more. Recently we saw Maggie giving advice to Lucas about his drinking and his feelings for Sami. Now, we saw Mickey talking about Shawn’s future in law. I find that sometimes in the bizarre world of daytime, they are able to pull us in a more realistic setting when the extended family is bought on to help support the younger generations. Lets see more of that!

Belle, Shawn and Phillip will make a good love triangle. Ever since the teens appeared a few years ago, their has always been a Belle and Phillip connection, Phillip has always liked Belle, but with the recast of Phillip there is just more chemistry between the two actors. That is why I want to see Belle and Phillip together, just to see what will happen. Who knows maybe Belle and Phillip will be the new fan favorite.

Mimi reminds me a lot of Susan Banks. I was recently reading some Internet reminders of what has happened on Days of our Lives. I started reading the stories of Kristen, Susan. John and Marlena. Mimi just reminded me of Susan when she is trying to say something, but it doesn’t come out right, or when she is saying something she shouldn’t and she realizes it. She kind of goes in Susan Banks mode, she will repeat her self a lot or kind of make rhyming words and stick them together. I like Mimi, but the day will be coming soon when she is no longer Mimi, but instead Miriam a more grown up woman.

Let's not have any more characters slipping into comas? It seems like once a week someone is in a coma. I love watching soap operas, but the coma story is being used so frequently it doesn’t have the same affect it once had, it has become a soap opera cliché. The one good thing about these recent comas though, is that they don’t last nearly as long as they used to.

Brady, Nicole and Victor are just not working with me. Brady is always in Victor and Nicole’s face trying to figure everything out about them. We know Victor is his grandfather, but Brady has been obsessed with Victor and his new bride not just curious. I did hear though that the show is no longer going to be pursuing a Brady and Nicole romance, which makes me wonder if Nicole will still be in Salem if Victor does happen to die or leave town when the cast is shortened. Nicole is a great character to watch, although her character has changed a lot since her debut.

If Victor would happen to be killed off, I would love Nicole to get the fortune and run Titan along with Brady and Phillip. It would be wonderful too to have Victor leave Vivian partial control over Titan as well. Having a little twist would be nice, something on the order of Caroline receiving a hefty lump some of money because Victor still had secretly loved her after all these years. Not only would that show Victors true feelings, but also it would add to the years of hurt and betrayal Shawn and Caroline went through. Although, I don’t want to see Victor killed off, but think of the potential that could come from that.

Hey, it’s just what I think.


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Page updated 12/18/12

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