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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

The whole Maya story just wasnít what I thought it would be. If they would have cast a different actress, Maya could have been a good character for a Tony romance. I didnít really like that she was going after Shawn the way she was, why would someone like Maya be interested in boy like Shawn. Maya was set up to be this very dangerous and powerful woman, but the way it was, she wasnít at all what she was made out to be.

In the House with Jack and Jen is just horribly dumb, if they are going to continue to make us sit through that, then let them do something that is involved in a storyline. I could have cared less about the sex therapist that wasnít. Melissa and Matt are much too talented to be doing something like this on Days.

I will admit I was not much of a Lucas fan, but he is starting to grow on me. Back in the day when he first came on the show he was a spoiled rich kid and through the years not much has changed, that is until now. Sami and Lucas are one of the couples worth watching this summer. They do have a lot of chemistry together and it is working I think with most of the viewing audience. I think though they are rushing them together too quickly. There is years of fighting and hate that just seems to have disappeared. They are a couple worth watching.

Nicoleís character has really changed over the past few years. She started out a very sweet and decent person. She then changed to a vindictive witch with an unhealthy thirst for alcohol. Now she has yet again been involved in trying to kill someone. The way Nicole is acting it seems to me she will be on her way out of Salem soon, whether it is in a body bag or plane ticket.

I loved the fact the Hope was in the hospital room when Larry flat lined. This might seem cruel, but it would have been great for Hope to smirk when he did die, because this is finally her closure to the reign of terror he had put her though. The final scenes they showed with them and the flashbacks were wonderful. Now whether or not he is dead who knows!

There is many rumors going around the James Reynolds (Abe) and John Aniston (Victor) are two of eight cast members who are on their way out when James E. Riley makes his way back to Days. As much as I would hate to see them go, just think of the potential storylines that will make. I for one and looking forward to what is coming are way. I heard rumors from a serial killer to a shocking explosion that will take the lives of many. I just hope that with the return of James, he will be able to bring the ratings back up to the top where Days should be. It would be also good for a decent Marlena story that Iím so desperately seeking to watch.

Iím hoping that the spy games will be over soon, now that John and Tony are no longing feuding anymore. It would be good to see the battle between Titian and Basic Black. If Victor is going to be written off, it would be thrilling to see Brady, Phillip and Nicole run Titian against John, Kate, and Belle at Basic Black.

Iím rooting for a Phillip and Belle pairing. They just seem to work so well together. Iím sure Iíll get a lot of negative feed back about this next comment, but Phillip and Belle is much better then Shawn and Belle, what ever they have had before Shawn and Belle, it seemed to have fizzled out!

Maggie was great to watch when her and Lucas was talking a few days ago. I was talking to some other Days fans, and we agreed that we hope James E. Riley will give Maggie a story, something that we will get to see why she is the only Days of our Lives cast member with a daytime Emmy!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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