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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Melissa M.

Another Day In Salem, Illinois

The Newlywed's Playtime

Normally the guests that appear on Jack and Jennifer’s show have a fun time with the duo, however Tuesday’s guest tried to outsmart the pair and ended up outsmarted by Jack.

When she started to criticize Jack’s personality for, as she put it, being intimidated by independent women, he decided to play along not just sit there and argue with her. Instead of fighting her perception of him, he made up a sexual problem between himself and Jennifer, then with the help of one of her “techniques,” he humiliated her as Jennifer joined in on the fun. Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves' performances made me laugh my pants off.

Pint-size Drama

The teen scene is right now in and out of storylines, accessories as one might have put it.

Rex and Mimi seem to be getting along greatly as a couple, but Internet buzz says TPTB play to split them apart. If it is true, signs of the split are starting to appear already. During one of Rex’s headaches, as Mimi kneeled by his bedside trying to find a way to make it go away, Rex told her more or less to back off. She did, grabbing her clothes and heading for the door, though Rex stopped her from leaving. Maybe it was just the headache talking.

Philip’s year in the Marines sure has straighten the boy out. When he left Salem (then played by Jay Kenneth Johnson), Philip was a spoiled brat through and through. Now, he’s an ISA agent righting the wrongs in Salem, falling for the taken best friend he grew up with. Since Philip’s been back, Belle has ended up naked- twice- with him naked beside her. Guess the love he felt for Chloe wasn’t true love after all . Philip and Belle would make a cute couple, hopefully the writer give them a chance. After all, this is Salem and first love isn’t lasting love, Shawn and Belle could be over before you blink your eyes.

Has Cassie learned nothing from her (ridiculous) arrest for solicitation? Her need to get laid has gotten her into sticky situations; being arrested and almost sleeping with her half-brother. You’d think after that, she’d hold off on losing her virginity, but not the case. Now she’d working at Echelon, a cheesy strip-like joint owned by her “father”, as a hostess ogled by every guy that enters. Perfect place for an upper-class elitist to work, right? Writer, just have her lose her virginity already or give her medication to tranquilize her horniness.

Only one thing to say about Shawn and Belle’s relationship, perfect. So trusting of each other and forgiving; I'd guess you’d have to be after everything they went through their in high school (Shawn claiming to be the father of Jan’s baby after her rape). The thing that sells me most on this couple though is their independence from the pressures of their peers. I admire the fact that both have decided to abstain from sex until they’re ready and not just do it because everyone else is. I’m glad they don’t let their classmates talk them into sex just because- maybe they could help Cassie understand that concept.

Two Funerals, and A Romance?

Nicole busted Larry Welch out of jail so the two could get rid of her husband and make her a very rich (and happy) widow. They attempted to shoot Victor once and instead Brady got hit instead.

Now it seems that Nicole is fallen for Brady. Rumors had been flying that producers were going to make the off-screen couples’ chemistry jump onto the screen. Is that what’s happening? Is it possible that Nicole has found love again after Eric and Austin?

In all honesty, just because they have chemistry off the screen doesn’t mean they will on screen. Don’t get me wrong, I think Nicole and Brady would make a interesting couple, but so far I've seen nothing on my television set. Maybe writers haven’t gotten to it yet- maybe?

Sami is a Four-Letter Word, So Is Hate... And Love

After years of fighting with Lucas and trying to win over (insert a guy’s name here) with crazy schemes, the writers seem to be steering Sami towards a romance with someone just like herself, Lucas. Though both deny it, they’re alike in many ways; good at being bad and bad at being good.

Fans have been begging for the pair to hook up since almost ten years ago, it looks like writer are finally listening to them. I personally love the couple fascinates me! The love/hate relationship they share had me hooked on them since I discovered the show three years ago. I instantly I went to my computer at the end of the episode and looked up their history. They had an interesting beginning, a wonderful and understanding friendship, a inevitable fallout due to their obsessions with others, playful bantering and now- a chance at love. With each other, of course.

The only bad thing, though, is the fact that writers are bringing Tony into the mix. Tony is a DiMera and that spells trouble. Lucas has been jealous of the attention Tony is displaying towards Sami and even had fantasies of making love to her. Monday (July 21st) he admits to Maggie that he may have feelings for Sami. Is it finally going to happen between the former enemies?

Until the next exciting week in Salem, I’m signing off .

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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