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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W. 

Cassie arrested for solicitation was absurd. There is no way she could have been arrested for the crime they are charging her with. In order to have an arrest for solicitation, money has to have exchanged hands, in agreement for a sexual favor. From what I saw he never paid her. Just because she said, ďis that all Iím worth,Ē when the officer offered her fifty bucks, doesnít make her a prostitute. Just made her insulted that that he thought she was that cheap.

Roman is really getting on my nerves! For some reason now, he doesnít like Rex? Roman has no reason to dislike Rex, he never did anything to Roman, nor does Roman know Rex that well. It just his gut feeling he said to Kate. Well, I guess what ever!

I find this rather dumb that Kate and Roman are going to be the biological parents to Cassie and Rex. I found Tony and Marlena more interesting, and besides it would make more sense for Stefano to have made Marlena the mother instead of Kate. Stefano had the obsession with Marlena; itís just more realistic in a dysfunctional way.

I used to be a huge Belle and Shawn fan, but now Iím starting to like the idea of a Phillip and Belle romance. It just seems that Belle and Shawn are always keeping secrets from each other. Phillip and Belle seem to have a lot of chemistry together, and they just seem to connect better.

Rex and Mimi are just wonderful together! It was funny to have them about to make love and constantly be interrupted by everyone in the mansion. Iím looking forward to their future stories together, itís refreshing to watch them, with everything else that is going on dully on the show right now.

Iím looking for all of Samiís least favorite people to pay her a visit when she is released from the hospital. This would be a perfect time for them to say anything they wanted to her and not have her screaming back at them. I loved that she wrote GO TO HELL to Tony on that marker board. Even in the hospital she never gives up her a fight.

Iím not a big Lucas fan, but Iím looking forward to the pairing of them again. I think this time they will realize that all of the hatred they had for each other was not hate, but just misguided love the whole time. Iím sure mama Kate will love this!

Nicole and Brady, I donít think are going to be getting the attention I thought they were. Once Chloe left I assumed that the writers would pair up Brandy and Nicole, but now that they are starting to work together Iím not so sure I want to watch them have a relationship. Brady has just been a jerk since he moved in with Victor and Nicole, and in almost every line he says ďMy Grandfather!Ē Lets not play the drinking game on that line, might get alcohol poisoning! I think maybe a new character should come into the picture for Brady to fall in love with, or maybe a recast of Chloe.

Over all right now for being summer, the show seems to be lagging. Usually we have great summer stories to watch, but right now there is nothing that is making us want to watch it everyday, it seems that really nothing exciting is happening yet; it is just mellow right now. Lets pick up the pace a bit before we fall asleep during Days.

Hey, itís just what I think


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Page updated 12/18/12

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