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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W. 

I thought Allison did a wonderful job portraying Sami when Brandon left, as she always does when her man is out of the picture. There was a moment where I almost felt sorry for Sami, as she was pouring her heart and soul out to Tony and Lucas. You could almost see sympathy in Lucasí face, which was great! Also Sami attacking the weak Lexie, after Lexie had just given birth was so cool, I thought Lexie deserved it In my opinion Lexie making up the fake test was just as bad as Sami stitching them. I was shocked that Abe didnít say anything to Lexie about her actions; I found that out of character for Abe.

I really doubt that Brandon would have left Sami for switching the test. Brandon knew going into the relationship what Sami was like and he really never had a problem with it before. It was just out of character of him to run away from this all, he would be more a person to face it, in his own way, but him just leaving town was far fetched.

I will say Iím rarely disappointed when Deidre Hall is front and center. Having Marlena attempt to attack Tony was great. You could see the rage in Marlena when Brady was trying to hold her back. Marlena, then breaks free from Bradyís grip and goes for Tony, I was just in awe, Iím all for those dramatic scenes!

James E. Riley is coming back as head writer. Well, I only hope he will be able to pull the rating up. I just would hate to see two hours of Passions each day. Lets hope he will stick to a more realistic story, with a twist, than that of bizarre stories with a back flip. I am though looking forward to what ideas he will come up with, because he is very creative!

Nicole is a great character, I think I might have mentioned that before, but I am just entertained when she is on. It is great that she gets into Victorís face and speaks her mind; she says the funniest things, you canít help but be amused with it. It is good that they will continue to use Larry Welch on the show. I will admit when he first came back I wasnít really looking forward to it, but Iím willing to see where they take him.

Bo and Hope are now boundary hunters, okay, and in a few weeks will they be doing something different? Bo had stated before that he didnít want Hope to do the police type work anymore, so why is he so willing for them to work together as this, which could be more dangerous than being an actual cop? Their first case was good. I will admit that I smiled when Hope smashed the criminal over the head with the bottle and she showed a surprised and happy smile, it was cute! If their cases will be something on that order maybe it wonít be that bad to watch. You know what one of their future cases will be, to find Larry Welch! That will be challenging for Hope!

Marlena and Tony as the parents of the twins would be so much better than Roman. I was thinking who could the mother be? I donít think it is Kate. Iím looking deeper into the past for the answer. I would like for Anna to be the mother of Cassie and Rex, it then would make the twins full siblings to Carrie, who would in turn have a strong connection to Salem. Also, it would give the show the opportunity to maybe bring Anna back to Salem. Since Tony is back it would be neat to see the interaction of the past with the present.

Bart and Mimi were so funny when they met at the Brady pub; they were just two of a kind. I would like to see more scenes with the two of them trying to talk to each other. Itís great that Mimi is getting more airtime, it goes to show she doesnít need to be involved always with Bell and Shawn, her and Rex are carrying their own.

Hey, itís just what I think


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Page updated 12/18/12

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