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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

The twist that Belleís DNA isnít matching Rexís is a cool twist. I just donít like where it is leading. Marlena not the mother?  I was into this story somewhat. Sometimes it gets annoying when you get used to something and then the writers go and change it. Just like John being Tonyís brother, although I think most of us suspected that.

Speaking of John and Marlena, Iím glad that Marlena wants Tony out of their lives. Iím ready for them to have a storyline that doesnít involve Tony or the mention of any other DiMeras. John and Marlena need a story that is different, but yet not so unbelievable and overdone.

Iím just not into Boís current storyline. I know it is supposed to be the old adventurous Bo from years ago, but it just isnít working. Let's stay away for the drug stories for a while, please!  They donít seem to work anymore because they have all been worn out. Especially when it involves character that we really donít know and donít care about what happens to them, like the one Bo is chasing after.

Iíve noticed that the characters have changed.  Either it is the difference in writing, or just me aging, Iím not sure yet. They just seem to be  a little more "off" than usual. Like for some reason, Sami lately has been this helpless ditsy girl instead of the fiery vixen we all loved to hate. It seems she gets scared really easily. Kate, who once was domineering and in control, seems to be opposite of that.  What is happening to them?

There is a lot of talk about James E. Reilley coming back to Days as the new head writer.  Although I did like the stories he created many years ago, I think this is a bad idea.  Ttís just that there already is a Passions on television.  We donít need another Passions to watch; we need our original Days back.

Stefano being gone is really hurting the show. Stefano was very interesting to watch, even if we all hated him. He was always working on some plan to get what he thought he deserved. He always caused chaos and turned everyoneís life upside-down.  The show just lost momentum, which it needs to keep the audience hooked on watching it the next day.  As of right now, there is nothing that is making the fans want to watch it every day.

Iím looking forward to watching Samiís wedding of destruction. Allison Sweeney handles herself very well; I just canít wait to see the scenes to come when the wedding doesnít happen. Maybe this will push the way for a Sami and Lucas romance?

What ever happened to these little side stories they were going to tell us?  You know, the items that were handed out at Stefanoís funeral. I was curious about them, but it seems to have slipped right by us.

Iím really going to miss Chloe, Craig, and Nancy when they do leave. I was reading some internet polls that were done, and about 70% of the fans wanted the show to recast the part of Chloe and keep them all in Salem. This is exactly what the show needs to do, listen to the fans and keep them involved to make them feel that they are important to the show. The show is only as good as the fans think it is, and right now it isnít doing very well.

Jack and Jenís wedding had some good parts to it. For one, Jack reciting the poem that Jen read during the first wedding was great. I found that Abby standing up there with them was both good and bad. I mean, it was sweet to have the family all there, but then it seemed strange to have your child up there with you while you are getting married, I mean right there in front.

Another thing about the wedding was that it was televised for the town of Salem to watch.  The guests should have now and then looked over at the camera, as if to see if they were on TV, but I didnít see anyone do that. Just imagine Nicole looking at acting all glamorous; it would have been neat to see them do that.

Chloe singing at the nightclub just wasnít as great as it could have been. I did, though, enjoy Nicoleís comments about Chloe. We need to hear more of those comments from Nicole about other characters on the show. Nicole is just one of those characters worth tuning in to watch.

Hey, itís just what I think


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Page updated 12/18/12

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