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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

I like the idea that Marlena and Tony are the parents of the twins, but it doesnít make sense that Stefano would make Tony the father and not himself. For an obsession Stefano had with Marlena, why would he make Tony the father when he himself wanted Marlena for himself, plus for most of Tonyís adult life Tony and Stefano didnít get along.

The rumor that is floating around that Kate is the actual mother, as I stated before would be a very interesting twist to the story, but it is one that I hope doesnít occur. It just wouldnít be a smart move to make Kate the actual mother to the twins, and besides they already did with her before, with Austin and Billie. The long lost children reunited with their mother. I also wouldnít doubt in the future that the writers would write Kate off the show.

Roman made a big mistake turning Shawn-D in like he did. For one, he really had no business being back by the hospital room Shawn was in, let alone listening in on Bo and Shawnís conversation. Next time maybe Roman will think before he eavesdrops on anyone. Kateís support was a nice touch for the story, it showed she does care for him, even though I donít care for them as a couple.

John and Marlena at the DiMera compound sleeping in the bedroom and fooling around was just stupid. If I was somewhere to get information from a place where I didnít really want to be, and wasnít welcomed to be there. I would go in and search until I found something. Not play hotel and wait until morning. A place that is supposed to be that dangerous why would you sleep there, or how could you!

The carbon monoxide was very well done. One of my friends I went to high school with suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, so I asked her just how real the show portrayed it, and she said they did a good job with it. I liked that Alice was there and she was part of it somewhat, it is always great to see her in scenes like that. Also Larry getting knocked out too by the monoxide was great, I was wondering why for a while why he wasnít getting tired.

The Victor confronting Larry, and making him confess to murdering Collin wasnít as good the second time around. I just donít understand why he would agree to that retarded proposal. Larry is going to prison no matter what, and Victor threatening to have him killed in prison, that made him that scared? To me it just didnít have the punch I felt it needed to have Larry agree to take the rap for something he didnít do!

I was disappointed in Mickey and Maggieís anniversary episode. I thought they would have done more this that then what they did. I was hoping for great flashbacks and wonderful memories they would share with each other, but instead we heard them talk about Brandon and Sami. Days needs to give Mickey and Maggie something better to do on the show then just be the scenery, they once had great stories can they at least have something better?

Jack and Jen are doing really well right now. They are a couple that I do enjoy watching now. Iím glad that they have reconciled, because it is always better to have Jack and Jen together than apart, and now Melissa Reeves can practice playing a happy character, instead of a depressed one.

The one thing I donít understand still to this day is how Brady is the oldest one of the children from years ago. If I remember correctly, Shawn-D was born first, then Jack and Jenís Abby then it should have been Cassie and Rex, then Brady, and then Belle. Brady would have been born after the twins Cassie and Rex, because John didnít hook up with Isabella until after Marlena was gone. I would assume that Marlena would have been impregnated and given birth before Brady. Also since Belle is an adult that would also make Susanís baby Elvis a few years younger than her, so why hasnít he returned to Salem yet?

I would like to see Chloe beat her illness, but I think her death would be a better story just for the fact; it would affect almost everyone in Salem. Think of the possibilities for Brady for future stories. Plus it would give Craig and Nancy a better reason to leave Salem, since it is said the Days has not renewed the actors contracts. Even though the death of Chloe would be horrible, it is just full of too many wonderful stories. I think I would be more shocked to see her live!

Hey, itís just what I think!


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Page updated 12/18/12

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