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2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

As the weeks progress I am seeing that rumors of Chloe are just intensifying. So far I heard that she will die and be escorted to Heaven by Bradyís mother Isabella. Another rumor I heard was that Chloe and Brady has a huge fight after she is cured from her illness, and she leaves for New York to pursue her dreams as an Opera singer. The one rumor I like, is that Craig gets another job offer, which he takes, and Chloe goes with them since in fact they are a family and she wants to be around the baby! I like this ending because it leaves room for them to come back. If Chloe does in fact die, the Wesley family will be no more, at least in Salem! So far though there is not official word that Nadia is leaving the show!

Another rumor that I have heard is that Kate is going to be the mother of the twins, but Marlena is the one who carried them. This would be a neat twist to the story, but Iím hoping that Marlena is the mother of Cassie and Rex. I think it has more potential that way then of Kate being the mother.

Iím really glad that Tony has feeling in his legs now, because Iím not interested in watching another person paralyzed, it one of those story that has been done over and over, it is a soap opera clichť that should be avoided. Also wouldnít it have been more intriguing if John were the one who ran over Tony. That could have been played out extremely well, but I guess the writers have something else in store.

Shawn murdering Collin has added some much need character profile to Shawn. He was always the good boy, now we are seeing another side to him, which is about time. I donít believe though that he is the one who murdered Collin, something else happened Iím thinking. Itís just not making that much sense to me that he would do that, maybe once the whole story is reveled it will make sense.

I still think Roman and Kate are the worst couple or potential couples right now. Maybe Kate and Tony would be better couple but not Roman! The scenes that had Roman lock Kate in Johnís office was the worst thing to watch, when there are better stories to watch right now. Iíve been waiting for Roman to have a storyline for a while and now that he does maybe we should have waited a little longer. They are just not working for me.

Melissa Reeves must be getting tried of playing a depressed Jennifer all the time. Jen has really never been happy since she has been back in Salem. Isnít it time to get the fiery Jennifer back, before I need an anti-depressant to get through her scenes? Melissa is very talented, so lets give her something better to do!

I loved when John and Marlena were talking and John told Marlena ďNever say NeverĒ was that a plug for the ďNever say Never the Deidre Hall StoryĒ, which has been playing on certain satellite stations everyday, which is really good to watch if you like Deidre!

As much as I love Belle, I hope when she comes back from Paris, they have her a little more mature. She is so naÔve, but they write her very grownup and it just contradicts. Belle and Shawn have potential for some great stories in the future, just if they both grow up!

Aliceís Birthday party was great. It is always wonderful to see Alice on the show. They flashbacks werenít played out, and you saw clips that havenít been viewed in a long time, and Iím all for that. Iíd rather see old clips rarely seen, than flashback that came from the episode the prior day. I hope we see scenes like that when Mickey and Maggie celebrate their anniversary, which I heard is coming up soon!

Hey what about Celeste and Caprice, Iím really curious about how they know each other. Also where is Mimi? I fear when Belle leaves for a while, Mimi will be seen less than she already is?

Hey, itís just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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