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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

First I would like to say thank you to those of you who read my opinions, Iím not sure how many of you read this column, but I do appreciate it. And second if you agree with me or disagree with me, I would love to hear from you. I do get a few e-mails here and there, but I would love to hear what more of you have to say!

The twins are good hearted, which is why I hate watching Cassie go after Shawn the way she is. It is kind of like watching Sami going after Austin. Sami like Cassie is good-natured, but just a little selfish. Besides Cassie was made to be much more intelligent than how the writers are writing her now. Did I miss the episode where they changed Cassieís character?

I loved Lexie and Samiís little fight. Lexie telling Sami she had a cockroach on her was pretty amusing to watch, who would have thought brave spiteful Sami afraid of a cockroach. Was it meant to be a reminder of Allisonís appearance on Fear Factor not too long ago, it was cleaver! Maybe soon they will have Brandon fumble around with his keys trying to start his car on the show?

Renee and Allison have always been very good actors, but they are evolving into better ones. Allison has come a very long way since her debut on Days, which has been over ten years ago! Renee well, we rarely got to see her in a leading story, but now it seems there is nothing she canít do. Whether it is sweet, sexy, or bad Lexie, we all admit she is doing a performance no Days viewer will forget!

Now that Tony is back could there be a return of Kristen? I hope there is, because if Kristen were back just think of the impact it would have. The writers could have that face-to-face explosion between Tony, Kristen, and John with Marlena watching from the sidelines, what an intense moment that would be. Maybe though this time we just stick to Kristen and not visit the other four characters that Eileen Davidson played, I enjoyed them then, but I donít know if I could tolerate them now. After viewing some old tapes of those wacky characters, I started to think, ďWow, I canít believe I used watched this!Ē

I have to agree with Tony and his comment to Kate that the love of Romanís life is Marlena, and that Kate is nothing like her. It is just a hard pill to swallow when one year Roman donít like Kate, for putting his daughter on death row, and then it seems now she is the next best thing to water, itís not adding up to me. Roman is one of the most respectable characters on the show, and it just seems like he is thinking with his another part of his body. In the years I have watched the show I never seen Roman written this way.

I had a brainstorm while viewing Kate and Marlenaís conversation to one another, about being away from their children for years. Wouldnít it be really cool, if the times Kate was a lady of the evening, Stefano had Kate in a blond wig and called her Marlena. It might be sick and demented, but it would fit in perfectly in a newly created flashback maybe?

Boy did Marlena have her hands full when she was talking to Jennifer and Hope about there problems. Jennifer depressed about making love to Collin, and Hope seeing Larry everywhere. It looks as though Marlena will be getting a new sports car very soon. The way things are looking for her profession right now; sheíll be having that sports car custom made.

Speaking of Psychiatry and Jennifer this horrible thing happened to Jen and still Laura is nowhere around to help her daughter through this? I think a mention of Laura would be nice here and there. Also, instead of a phone call from Kayla and Kimberly, wouldnít this be a great time for a visit. If your father had a heart attack, it would be much more believable for the child/children to come home for a little while, especially those who havenít been home in years, there was the perfect opportunity.

Brandon isnít Samiís soul mate; they just donít work for me anymore. I think Lexie would be a better match for Brandon. Sami needs someone different, somebody maybe more like Lucas. She needs a man to keep her on her toes and have that edge of life, Brandon just isnít right!

Hey, itís just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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