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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Opinion By Justin W.

Grandpa Shawnís heart attack was done very well. We all new that the secret of John and Tony being brothers was going to come out by Tony in some drastic way, but I didnít really expect the heart attack. By having this storyline occur, we see how Peggy McCay and Frank Parker can act. It is very refreshing to watching Shawn and Caroline somewhere other than in that Brady Pub, Iím sure the actors enjoyed having more than three lines to say in an episode.

After Tony dropped the bomb about John being his brother. It was classic Roman and Bo interrogating John. Sometimes Roman and John can be real jerks, but their characters are made very believable, as the hot head family protectors. Something, I found odd was after Grandpa Shawn collapsed, Marlena the only medical doctor in the room didnít even go over to him while he was laying on the floor. Marlena always likes to make it know to people that she is a doctor; she says it in about every other episode. It was just strange to me that she wasnít over there seeing what she can do!

Chloe found that her father is in deed Craig. I think, we all thought Craig was the daddy when Chloe first came to town, but the writers did a great job with the rape and then finding out that Dr. Sykes had a vasectomy, and he couldnít be the father. I really do hope that Chloe does get better and she spends some more time in Salem, I donít want to see her leave yet!

Kristian is doing a wonderful job in this Larry-haunting storyline. I just think her delivery of Hope couldnít be any better. There are many characters that should never be recast, and Hope is one of them. I know, that there have been other actresses who have played Hope before Kristian, but there should be no one after her, it just wouldnít be right.

Larry is really creepy! Wow! I couldnít believe how scary Larry was laying outside the Brady pub and he starts to get up, his eyes were like something from a horror movie. It was like seeing Marlena possessed all over again. I was suspicious when Larry first came to town, but you know he is growing on me as the towns new Psycho!

Here is how I think Collins murder will play out. From the beginning I had a hunch that Hope shot him. Here is my scenario: Hope after talking to Jennifer outside of the Kiriakis mansion ran into Collin. She then had a flashback of hearing him say he was going to kill Bo. Collin then morphs into Larry. Hope grabs Collins gun, that he was going to use to kill Bo, and she shoots him, thinking he was Larry. Hope then drops the gun when she realizes it was in fact Collin she shot. Hope leaves the wedding by having the Kiriakis Chauffeur take her home. The only thing is that her son, Shawn-D, saw the whole thing. He then retrieves the gun and tries to get rid of it before someone finds the body!

Oh can we not see the flashback of Hope walking outside hearing Collin say he is going to kill Bo tonight. I think if I really try, I could write that scene out word for word. Every Days of our Lives fan had to have seen that part at least five times already! And if you watch the show everyday like me, youíve seen it a lot more than that!

Does Celeste have a job? I mean she is always in a new expensive hat and clothes. How does she afford all these glamorous items? I mean, Stefano must have paid her for all her loyalty to him, but is she set for life with that money? I just really hate when some Characters on the show have all of this money and no job. Think about it, no one in Salem really works anyways except for Sami, who we always see at work on her break.

Why arenít we seeing Victor and Nicole on their honeymoon? They are not having the time of their lives there. With Victor knowing who Nicole really is, I bet they are not just enjoying their time as Mister and Misses Victor Kiriakis.

Sami and Tony using each other, Iím starting to adapt to. Sami has always been the bad Brady, it is a nice mix to have her with the DiMera's even though she doesnít really like them, she is only using Tony for her own gain, as well as Tony to Sami, this is kind of like how Tony and Annaís relationship was many years ago.

Hey, itís just what I think!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/18/12

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