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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2003 Our Opinion!

Days of our Lives in Review

Week of December 30, 2002
By Lindsay Clark

Jennifer and Colin have sex, unfortunately. She tells him she loves him, and he asks her to move to Ireland with him. I hope Jack realizes the sacrifice she just made for him!
Sami overhears Jennifer ask Colin to make love to her. As usual Sami jumps to conclusions.
Colin tells Sami to take Jack to look out point on New Years Eve and tell him that Jennifer and Colin made love. Colin is so sick! That man makes me want to puke!
Belle and Shawn venture out to the Horton cabin, where Larry is hiding. Of course, Larry hides. Although, I would have to point out that it is quite obvious that someone is there. Larry's Santa beard is sitting on a chair, and there are ashes in the fireplace. Shawn does point that out but thinks nothing of it. How dumb can you be, Shawn?
Nicole realizes that Victor probably saw the check made out to Colin. Well, maybe he saw it because she took the check out of her briefcase (a good hiding spot) and put it into her glove where it was totally noticeable! Good one Nicole!
She also tells Brandon that she had been unfaithful to Victor and that she is being blackmailed. Brandon vows to kill whoever is blackmailing her. He later finds out it is Colin Murphy.
Victor being the psycho he is, knows something and decides to invite Colin to the wedding. Without telling Nicole of course!

John visits his mother's grave (Daphne DiMera). Tony also shows up at the grave. As you can probably guess they argued about them being brothers. John refuses to accept the fact. Blah, blah, blah. Same old song and dance!
Sami tells Tony about Colin's plan to kill Jack. He says he'll take of Colin.
Victor asks Bo to be his best man-Bo agrees.
Nicole gives Colin the check for $5 million and he gives her the tape of them having sex. Like he doesn't have more copies!
All and all a pretty boring episode!


Jack and Jennifer talk. Jennifer seems very upset. Why wouldn't she be? She had to sleep with that snake!
Hope continues to see Larry's face everywhere. Is anyone ever going to realize that something is wrong with her?
Nicole tells Brandon to stay away from Colin, because she can take care of him by herself.
Colin shows up at the wedding. Nicole tells him to leave, but Victor tells her he invited him.
After the twins make some remark to Tony about protecting the DiMera's at all costs, Tony confronts Rolf. He wants to know what he did to the twins.
Later, the twins disappear!
Jennifer tells Bo that she slept with Colin to distract him from killing Jack. He comforts her.
Sami goes to Romans house, but he's in bed with Kate! Go Roman! She steals his gun. Sami and a gun, probably not the best combo!
Colin opens his big fat gross mouth and tells Jack how he and Jennifer made love. Poor Jack is devastated. If only he knew the real story.
Hope overhears Colin say he's going to kill Bo!

This is the big day! I'm just going to write everything that happened and then comment on it at the end because so much happened!
Nicole reads a letter that Colin sent her. Basically saying that he's not finished blackmailing her. Victor walks in and she tells him it's a letter from Fay.
Jack confronts Jennifer about sleeping with Colin. She admits it happened but tells him she needs to explain. Jack then leaves the wedding. Jennifer leaves right after him.
Bo runs around looking for Colin, who is lurking in the bushes outside waiting for the right time to shoot Bo.
Hope goes missing. Bo wants to go find her but the wedding is about to start and Victor asks him to stay. Bo then tells Shawn to go look for Hope.
Right as the wedding is about to begin Nicole is also missing in action. She appears moments later and they get married.
People actually there to witness wedding included: Belle, Brady, Chloe, Fay and Bo.
People missing included: Brandon, Sami, Jack, Jennifer, Hope, Shawn, and of course Colin.
Right after the wedding Shawn stumbles in without Hope acting very strange.
Fay questions Nicole as to why she didn't wear her veil. Turns out the veil is outside in the bushes.
Jennifer and Jack show back up.
Fay goes outside to search for Brandon.
Sami goes back to Roman's house and returns his gun.
Belle wanders off outside looking for Hope. She starts screaming! Colin's body lies in the snow!!!
Bo goes home and finds Hope. She has blood all over her hand.
I know they want you to think that it's Jennifer or Nicole or whoever, but I think it was probably either Tony or the twins. Even though they weren't at the wedding or anything, remember the twins disappeared and Tony said he would take care of Colin. I guess we'll have to wait and see but that's my guess!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 12/18/12

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