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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2002 Our Opinion!

Days of Our Lives in Review
Week of October 21, 2002
By Lindsay Clark


The twins steal Tony's car to go and see Shawn, but they accidentally crash into a tree outside his house! Shawn tells the twins about his mom and Zack being missing, and they promise to keep their eyes and ears open at the mansion. Roman stops by and the twins happen to blurt out that John and Marlena are at the mansion with Tony. He runs out in a hurry. Gee, I wander where he's going. Meanwhile, at the mansion Tony goes into a catatonic state and asks Marlena to unlock his dreams. He also mentions a man in white on an island. Could this be the same island that Marlena was asleep on? That's what I'm thinking. Anyway, Roman comes in and tells John and Marlena to leave. Afterward, Tony is confused about what he might have said, and he starts going through a draw, in which a piece of paper falls to the ground. It was a picture of the island. At Phillip is being the hard little worker. Yeah right! Chloe comes in and tells him that she still wants to be friends, blah, blah, blah!!! And as usual he continues to believe that him and Chloe are meant to be. Is he ever going to get over this? He has just taken pathetic to a whole new level! He is enough to drive you to drink!!!


Bo returns from Cedar Rapids with no news. He tells Shawn that the best thing he can do right now is go back to school. Bo leaves with Abe to question Tony and Lexi. Meanwhile, Lexi is with Brandon checking out an underground room searching for Hope and Zack. Lexi starts to faint so they leave to go to the hospital. Let me guess, Lexi will turn out pregnant, and she won't know who the father is, but she'll say its Abe's so he won't divorce her. Ok, so they get in her car and all the sudden Lexi finds Hope's wallet, right as Bo and Abe are approaching! Of course she hides it and they don't see it. However, Abe does read her the riot act. Go Abe! Hope talks to Larry, who threatens her. He also informs her that he won't be caught because he planted evidence on someone else. At big brother Lucas gives Phillip advice about love. He tells him to go for Belle. No, no, no!! I could have killed Lucas for saying that. Phillip is psychotic to begin with. Don't give him any ideas!


Abe and Bo go through the DiMera mansion, and Bo flips out on Tony. Jennifer and Colin argue about the DiMera's. She gives him an ultimatum; she'll only be with him if he gives up Tony as a patient. He actually agrees. Later, Colin goes to Tony to tell him he wants out of their plan. Tony, however, threatens him, so Colin agrees to continue with the plan. What the hell is that guys deal? He's good. He's bad. What is he? I think he's pretty bad. Meanwhile, Jennifer yells at Jack, but then realizes that he's been in Cedar Rapids covering Hope's kidnapping. She gets really emotional and they kiss! Finally! They definitely need to get back together.


Abe apologizes to Lexi for accusing her. He urges her to tell him if she knows anything. This would have been a good time to tell him about the wallet, but she doesn't, and it's totally going to backfire in her face. Oh well! Colin talks to Nicole as he shops for a diamond ring for Jennifer. He's pretty damn sure of himself! Phillip gets everyone together for Belle's 18th birthday. They pretend it's not a birthday party because Shawn forgot about it, and they didn't want to make him feel bad. Cassie kind of blurts it out though, and he feels horrible of course. Phillip gives Belle a bracelet with a bell charm on it and he says "A bell for a Belle." Can we say cheesy! Rex and Cassie give Belle the news that they're moving in. Chloe is a little jealous of the attention Phillip is giving Belle, and Brady is a little jealous that Chloe is jealous. Does that make sense? Jennifer admits to Jack that she really is attracted to Colin. I really hope she's not falling for his charm. Billie calls Larry and tells him that she wants out!


Marlena tells John about Belle and Shawn's new roommates. He is not pleased. Is John ever happy? He seems to think everything is one big conspiracy. Rex, Cassie, and Belle go shopping. Cassie buys a piece of lingerie and asks what Shawn thinks of it. Why do I have a feeling that that girl is going to come in between Belle and Shawn? Lexi tells Celeste that someone is trying to set her up. Afterward, she finds Hope's itinerary in her purse. Shawn questions Bo about Billie's motives. Apparently, Shawn is the only smart one. He seems to be catching on to Billie. Speaking of Billie, she meets with Larry to get out of the plan. He threatens her, so needless to say, she's still in. Larry says that Hope and Zack won't be together for long. That guy Larry is a freak. Why would Hope have been engaged to him. He looks like he's old enough to be her dad!

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Page updated 12/18/12

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