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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2002 Our Opinion!

Days of Our Lives in Review
Week of August 19, 2002
By Lindsay Clark


Colin rushes to Tony’s house after Eliana calls him.  When he arrives, Tony is in a trance like state.  He overhears him say that Marlena would unlock his dreams.  Tony awakens from his trance and does not remember anything he said.  Colin fills him in.  Later, Tony goes to see Marlena at her office.  She continues to tell him that she cannot help him.  However, he tells her what Colin overheard him say and she is very spooked.  Abe tries calling Lexi, but she’s too busy getting it on with Brandon!  Lexi is quite the little bed hopper.  She sleeps with Abe one night, and Brandon the next night.  I wander who it’s going to be tomorrow night!  Of course you and I both know where this storyline is headed.  Lexi will become pregnant and not know who the father is.  Well, that’s what you get when you sleep with two different guys in a matter of 24 hours!  Anyway, Abe bangs on Brandon’s door looking for Lexi.  Lexi tells Brandon not to tell him she’s there, because she still loves him.  Needless to say, Brandon is pretty damn pissed.  He goes out to open the door, but not before he lays Lexi’s scarf right in view so Abe will know she’s there.  What a little schemer, that Brandon.  Isabella talks to Brady and tells him to listen to Marlena, and go and see Roman.  So, Brady pays a visit to the detective and asks for his help getting the witness protection info on Dr. Sykes.  Roman explains that he can’t do that because it would put the mans life in serious danger.  Chloe decides to go away with Phillip!


Jack gives Jennifer tickets to see Annie with Abby.  She hugs him as Colin watches on.  That guy is such a psycho!  Nicole decides that she will marry Victor.  Even though she doesn’t love him, she loves the life he gives her.  Colin, being all mad because he thinks Jennifer wants Jack, goes to see Nicole.  She pushes him away at first, telling him she’s going to marry Victor.  Then they start kissing which of course leads to sex.  Brandon goes to see Sami.  He wants an explanation of why she dumped him.  They start arguing and Billie shows up.  Apparently, a neighbor called and complained about the noise.  Sami pleads with Billie not to file a report, because no one can know that Brandon was there.  Billie and Brandon are really confused!  Later, Sami sees Colin leave Nicole’s apartment.  Roman gives Bo and Billie a new undercover assignment.  They have to spend the night together and pretend to be a couple!!!


Colin gives Sami some lame excuse why he was with Nicole.  She obviously does not believe a word of it.  She then goes to confront Nicole.  While with Nicole, Colin calls to let Nicole in on the lame excuse as to why they were together.  Afterward, Brandon visits with Nicole.  She tells him her plans to marry Victor.  He urges her not to go through with it, but she won’t listen.  Nicole and Brandon are both really stupid right now!  Lexi goes to see Abe, acting like nothing happened.  He wants to know where she was all night, and what do you know, she lies!  She tells him she went to the sauna.  Even Colin could have come up with a better excuse!  When Abe presents her with her scarf she admits she was with Brandon, but only for a few minutes.  Yeah, a few very long minutes.  He then says that he’s suing for divorce.  She runs to Brandon (again) crying her little eyes out.  They promise each other that they will keep their secret.  Lexi could cry me a freakin river and I still wouldn’t feel bad for her!!!  Bo agrees to go undercover with Billie, when he finds out the hit man is after Victor.  Billie shops for lingerie.


Belle and Shawn take the aliens to Salem Place.  Shawn really wants to turn them in, but Belle insists on giving it a few more days.  They take Rex and Cassie back to the spot where they were found.  When they get there, they lay down on the ground where their spaceship had been.  Afterward, Belle sees something shiny in the tree.  Shawn finds the object and it ends up being another blue three-pronged key.  Phillip decides that he’s going to take Chloe to New York City.  Nancy says no at first, but Craig thinks it is a good idea, so they give in and say she can go.  They also give Chloe a wig made from her real hair.  Meanwhile, Isabella tells Brady to go back and see Roman.  He’s hesitant at first, but eventually goes.  Roman says that he can’t tell Brady the info he needs.  Instead, he takes out a folder, puts it on his desk, and leaves the room.  Needless to say, Brady gets the info he needs.  Two thumbs up to Roman.  I’ve never been a huge fan of his, but after that, I like him a little bit more.


Cassie holds up the key and says “Danger, danger, code blue, double jeopardy.”  Whatever that is supposed to mean.  She also thinks back to when her and Rex were children.  They were with a man with a distorted voice (the same man whose voice you hear in Tony’s dreams) in a small room.  The man says “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  He then opens door with the key, and locks the children in there.  They start crying.  This storyline is getting so good.  Shawn leaves to find Bo to bring him back to the aliens.  He finds Bo all right-kissing Billie.  Of course what he doesn’t realize is that they’re undercover.  Victor wanted to be a part of catching the hit man so he arrives at the hotel as planned.  However, he had canceled his plans with Nicole.  She ends up showing up arguing with Sami.  Just as Victor confronts them, the hit man makes his move.  A shot rings out.  Who gets shot?  Is it Nicole, Sami, or Victor?  My bet is Nicole.  Chloe gets ready for her trip with Phillip.  Brady shows up to talk to her.  He explains to her that he’s been trying to find her a donor, and that he’s closer than ever.  He goes on to say that he’s leaving town to find her father.  Chloe is extremely surprised to find this out, so Brady fills her in on everything he knows so far.  She decides she wants to go with him to find her father.  Looks like Phillip is getting dissed and dismissed!!!  It’s about time!!!

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Page updated 12/18/12

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