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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2002 Our Opinion!

Days of Our Lives in Review
Week of July 15, 2002
By Lindsay Clark

Shawn and Belle talk about the aliens.  Kissing them in particular.  What a strange conversation to have with your boyfriend or girlfriend!  A few minutes later the aliens jump out the back of Shawn’s truck, of course, unnoticed.  Belle and Shawn then go to Salem Place where they run into Maggie and Julie watching Zack.  While they go off somewhere, Belle and Shawn watch Zack.  Meanwhile, Maggie and Julie see two half naked teenagers running through town.  The aliens!  Off in the woods somewhere, Jennifer spends time with Colin.  They reminisce about their time together in Africa.  Who is this Colin character anyway?  We know he is a doctor, who is from Ireland, but has an Australian accent.  And he knows Jennifer, Tony and apparently Stefano.  But, is he a good guy, a bad guy or what?  One minute he’s nice, the next minute he’s not.  I’m just completely confused about his character.  Jennifer tells Jack that she wants to help him and Bo find out the truth about Colin.  She knows that Colin likes her more than a friend, so if she plays on that, maybe she can get the truth.  At Marlena’s office, John makes peace with Tony.  Obviously, he is just doing it to get information.  John is not one to forgive and forget a DiMera.  Chloe gets put into isolation, so no can visit her.  Luckily, for Craig, Nurse Brenda finds the surveillance tapes taken the night of the baby switch.  You know that something will probably happen to them though, because that seems to good to be true! 

Craig asks Nancy to have another baby.  That’s kind of a funny thought!  He thinks that if they have a baby, maybe the baby could be a match for Chloe.  All the teens gather at Brady Pub to make signs for the Bone Marrow Drive.  While there, Belle urges Brady to admit his love for Chloe to himself and to her.  The aliens find a canvas tote bag that reads “I Love Salem.”  They gather some items to put in the bag.  They collected a cantaloupe, picture of Belle and Shawn, and a bottle of wine.  Can we say weird!  Jennifer accepts Colin’s apology, in a plot to get him to spill the beans.  Billie continues to stalk Bo.  What a big surprise!  At the station, Abe tells Lexie that he still loves her.  Asks her if she wants to save their marriage.  Has Abe gone completely nuts?  He is so smart, yet so stupid. 

John, being a complete suck up, brings Tony a gift.  I hope John realizes that Tony is totally on to him.  Lexie leans on Brandon for support.  I’m sorry but this whole Lexie/Brandon thing is ridiculous.  Why is Brandon attracted to the biggest psychos?  First, it was Sami and now, it’s Lexie.  Come on Brandon, you can do must better than this.  The aliens break into Chloe’s house, where Nancy spots them and faints.  I want to say one thing about Nancy; she is one of the funniest characters on the show.  Anyway, the aliens gaze at pictures of Belle and Shawn as they drink the wine.  At the Bone Marrow Drive, John publicly accepts Tony, and Phillip finds out that Brady is in love with Chloe.  And of course, in true Phillip fashion, he throws a temper tantrum at Belle and Shawn for not telling him.  Ok Phillip, GET A LIFE!  Stunning everyone at the station, Billie shows up to start work.  Isabella appears to Brady.

Bo and Roman confront Billie about her cop motives.  She is acting way too ambitious!  I would just like to know when she decided to be a cop anyway.  Roman calls Kate to find out if she knew of her daughters latest job.  I can’t decide if Roman should go out with Kate or Billie.  He definitely needs someone.  John warns Sami to stay away from Tony.  If she wants to be stupid, let her be stupid.  It will backfire in her face somehow.  Tony tells Sami that she’s irresistible, and invites her to be his date at his dinner party.  Knowing this situation, Tony will probably fall for Sami (don’t ask me why) and when she gets with Brandon, he’ll go on a jealous rage.  That might actually be funny.  John confesses to Marlena that his real motive with Tony is not friendly.  Isabella wants to help Brady, help Chloe.  Maybe she knows who is a match for Chloe.

The aliens reveal themselves to Belle and Shawn.  The girl (Cassie) goes over and kisses Shawn right in front of Belle.  They try to teach the aliens how to communicate.  After a few minutes, though, they run away.  Hope, John, Marlena, and Shawn all receive a letter, which leaves them all speechless.  It was requesting their appearance at the reading of Stefano’s will.  Bo decides to let Billie work at the station.  Big mistake Bo!  You know she’s going to use that to her advantage.  A gang threatens the aliens.  Lexie and Brandon are surprised when John and Marlena show up for dinner, followed by Sami.  That dinner should be pretty interesting.  Bo goes home and tells Hope that Billie is back.  The look she gave, tells me that she knows Billie is up to something!  Abe contemplates watching the surveillance tapes.  Shouldn’t they have someone else do that seeing how Abe’s wife is the one involved?  I can almost see Abe getting rid of a tape if it would get Lexie in trouble.  Even though he always upholds the law, he feels bad for her, and he could do something like that to save his marriage.  Although, if he does, he’s going to make everyone very angry-especially me!!!

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Page updated 12/18/12

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