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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2002 Our Opinion!

Days of Our Lives in Review
Week of July 8, 2002
By Lindsay Clark

Billie is back!  The week starts out with Billie being brought into the hospital, after the meteor hit her car.  Being up to no good (what a surprise!  Her mother is Kate and her brother is Lucas) she convinced Phillip to help her escape from the hospital unnoticed.  The capsule Belle and Shawn found disappeared, leaving the “aliens” behind.  Belle and Shawn then perform CPR on the strangers.  The whole scene was very funny!  The “aliens” being scared out their minds, run away too fast for Belle and Shawn to catch up.  I’d be scared too, if I woke up with strangers giving me CPR.  At the hospital, Chloe and Brady talk.  She confides in him that she wants him to stay the night, because she fears that if she falls asleep, she will never wake up.  How cute are they together?  If they don’t confess their love to one another soon, I’m going to burst!  So, needless to say they fall asleep together.  Moments later, Phillip walks in.  Oops! 

Phillip, being the insecure loser that he is (sorry to all Phillip fans) confronts Brady with a fight.  Yeah, like Phillip would actually win!  Being the nice guy, Brady reminds Mr. Insecure that they need to work together for Chloe’s sake.  They decide to plan a surprise for the girl they love.  Belle and Shawn tell their parents about their “alien” encounter, in which they all get a good laugh.  If your kids came home and said they spent the night reviving aliens, you’d probably have a good laugh too.   Bo finds out at the station, that something weird did happen where Belle and Shawn had been that night.   

Lexie’s hearing begins.  Tony speaks on her behalf, saying what a wonderful person she is.  Blah, blah, blah!  Give me a break.  There is nothing wonderful about the women.  Of course, she gets off with two years probation and community service.  Obviously, the judge is on Stefano’s payroll.  Lexie vows to get back at the Brady’s, and she warns Sami to stay away from her brother, and from Brandon.  Belle and Shawn were questioned about the capsule.  They lied to the agent to protect the “aliens.”  Later on, they joined up with Mimi, Kevin, Brady, and Phillip to surprise Chloe.  Belle and Shawn told their friends about their encounter.  They’re all skeptical.  Not a big surprise! 

In the weeks end, Tony visits Colin where he goes into a trance like state.  Tony only says one word-Marlena.  When Tony finally snaps out of it, he doesn’t remember saying her name.  Does he have some connection to Marlena?  Anyway, he then confides in Colin. Supposedly, when Stefano was dying, he gave Tony that weird key (the one John stole last week) and told him that the key was the “secret to your past and future” and that it would “unlock all secrets.”  Tony then went on to say, that while he was in a coma years ago, many miracles took place, but he doesn’t know what kind of miracles. I have a feeling these secrets could explain a whole lot.  Is Tony really Tony, or could he be someone else impersonating Tony.  I don’t know about anyone else, but that is the sense I’m getting.  After leaving Colin’s office, Tony went to Marlena’s office to ask for her help.  She began to argue with him, when John walks in.  John must be psychic; he always seems to walk in at the right and wrong times.  In town, Bo agrees to help Jack dig up the dirt on Colin.  Hope and Zack then meet Bo.  While they were enjoying the day, a disguised Billie (in a blonde wig) watched on.  She’s up to something, and I have a feeling it’s not good. All I have to say is that, if Days wants to keep their fans, they better not break up Bo and Hope!!!  I’m sure everyone agrees with me on that one.  Just one last note, as cheesy as this whole alien storyline is, I heard a rumor that it’s not going to turn out how you think.  Thank god for that!   

Also, be sure to tune in next week.  I saw a preview and it looks like Billie is a cop and she wants to work with Bo!!!

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Page updated 12/18/12

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