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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/27/17 Ė 12/1/17

Abe wanted justice for what happened to Theo.  He saw red when JJ went to check on Theo.  Abe wanted Hope to fire JJ from the force.  She didnít want to fire JJ so he fired her instead.  She didnít understand why she was fired.  She undermined his authority and was surprised that he wanted her out.  She told Rafe about what happened so he wanted to speak on her behalf.  Somehow he was able to talk Abe into saving JJís job for now, but Hope was still fired.  Her firing led to problems for the couple.

Hope as upset that Rafe got her job.  She practically blamed him for taking her job from her.  She lost her job regardless of who took it.  She used that opportunity to pick fights with him about her job as well as his relationship with Sami.  After they fought about that, they fought because they didnít get married.  Rafe realized that he couldnít measure up to Bo so and she agreed with him.  Hope hadnít mention anything about Bo so we donít believe heís why she wonít marry Rafe.  If she didnít move on with Aiden and Rafe, maybe we could believe that Bo was still in her heart.  She expected Rafe to be okay with the fact that she wouldnít marry him because heís not Bo.  She was shocked when he decided to dump her.  It didnít surprise us that he left her.  We liked them together so itís too bad that they had to break up once again.

JJ broke up with Lani because he wanted to do the right thing.  We were surprised that JJ was the one who broke up with her since he shot her brother.  You would think that Lani would have broken up with him.  She begged him to think about it because they loved each other.  JJ was trying to be a martyr by breaking up with her.  His sacrifice doesnít make what he did to Theo okay.

Speaking of Theoís shooting, we were so sick of Chad blaming Andre for what happened to Theo.  We wanted choke Chad through the screen while he blamed Andre for everything.  He wouldnít blame Kate for anything for some reason.  Kate was such a jerk to stand there while Chas accused Andre of being responsible for Theoís shooting.  She didnít want to get arrested and expected Andre not to say anything to Chad.  Chad needed Abby to convince him not to throw Andre out and that was what saved Kate.  We are so sick of Chad and Kate acting so holier-than-thou when it concerns Andre.  We want to see Andre go after Chad and Kate.  Hopefully Andre will go after them soon.

Sami had a dumb plan to get Willís memory back.  She broke Ben out of the sanitarium to get him to reenact the night he killed Will.  She thought that would help him get her memory back.  Her heart was in the right place, but her head was somewhere else.  She hid in the closet while Ben strangled Will.  Ben had to stop himself before he killed Will.  Sami didnít move until Ben told him that Sami was the one who wanted him to strangle him.  Her plan didnít work because Will was mad at her and wanted her to stay away from him.  She deserved it because that was a very stupid idea to reenact Willís death.  She would have lost him again if she had her way.

Here are a few random thoughts:

How come Chloe didnít hear about Will being alive when everyone in town knew about it?  She knew about other stuff, but she didnít know that.

Chad was worried about Theo, but he didnít check on him.  He could use the DiMera money to get him the best care, but he didnít do it.

Johnís supposed to be Abeís best friend, but he hasnít been to the hospital yet.  He must not care that Theo was in the hospital.


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Page updated 12/4/17

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