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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


We enjoyed watching Stefan torture Gabi. She was so smug about what she did to him and Abby. He tried to understand why she wanted to hurt him. Once again we had to endure listening to her mantra about how she lost everything because of he and Abby. We canít tell you how much we are sick of hearing her say it over and over again. Stefan isnít our favorite character, but we were cheering him on for having her kidnapped. We wanted to choke her while she was being so smug about what she did. She was the one who was wrong, but she acted as if she was justified to do what she did. We know the writers are going to make her into the victim by having Stefan threatened her. She deserved everything she had to endure because she didnít care what she did. She told him to his face how she was glad to hurt him. He wanted her to suffer. For some reason, he wanted to let her go. We were a little let down by that so hopefully he will do something to her.

Abby confronted Jennifer for not believing her about not being Gabby. Jennifer did everything she could to justify what she did, but Abby didnít want to hear it. She read her the riot act for not believing her. We were happy to see it. Jennifer was too willing to believe Abby had another mental break despite how many times she told her she was fine. Abby did end up forgiving her, but she didnít want to forget. Jennifer couldnít be satisfied with her forgiving her. She wanted Abby to forgive Chad too. Abby wasnít sure if she could forgive him because he chose to believe Gabi over her. Chad messed up by not giving Abby the benefit of the doubt. Chad went to Abby and wanted to talk to her, but she refused to listen to him. She confronted him about believing Gabi over her and allowing her baby to be ripped out of her arms. We were satisfied with the way she ripped into Jennifer and Chad. She didnít hold back when she told them off. She wasnít too over the top, but she didnít go easy on them.

Speaking of Chad, he confronted Kate about helping Gabi. He put two and two together and realized Kate was working with Gabi. He demanded to know why she helped Gabi. She gave him her explanations, but it didnít matter. He was still mad at her. She got what she deserved because she shouldnít have worked with Gabi in the first place. She also chose Chad over her other kids, and he was quick to kick her out of his life. We would have loved to see him scream at her, but he was calm about it. We did enjoy what he did do to her even though we expected more.


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Page updated 12/28/18

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