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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Something seemed off about this episode. The scenes appeared choppy for some reason. People were in scenes one minute and in other scenes the next. It was very poorly edited and it made the episode lose a little something. With that said, the episode was better than Fridayís episode. Letís start talking about this episode.

We were so excited when Julie said she remembered Gabi being involved in what happened to her. It looked like Gabi was about to be nailed to the wall. We are all for Gabi getting exposed. Unfortunately, Julie has a convenient problem with her memory. She couldnít remember what she found out when she was at the mansion. She was able to remember what she had for breakfast, but she couldnít remember what she found out at the mansion. What a complete letdown! There was no point in her remembering anything when she only remembered part of it. We knew she would have some type of memory loss and we were right about it.

Abby let Stefan know she was leaving the mansion. He tried to stop her, but she refused to stay with him. She was shocked when she saw Ben at the DiMera mansion. She couldnít believe he would let Ben in the mansion with Charlotte there. Stefan knew not to let Ben near his child. She managed to leave anyway. She went to the Horton house and shocked her family. She confronted Jennifer about how she has been Abby the entire time. We actually enjoyed watching Abby call Jennifer out for not believing her about not being Gabby. Jennifer couldnít say a word because Abby was right about her. Abby managed to humiliate her at the party. We will talk about the annual Horton tree trimming party in a bit.

Chad continues to prove how much of an idiot he is. He talked to Gabi about Abby and Charlotte. He wanted to be in her life, but we know what happened. Gabi suddenly didnít feel comfortable living with Leo and wanted to move back into her parentsí house. She invited him to stay with her. She had her reasons for wanting him to stay with her. We had to shake our heads when he actually agreed to do it. He obviously doesnít want to be with Abby anymore or he wouldnít want to live with Gabi. We are hoping the reveal of Gabiís wrongdoings will make for an explosive showdown between them. The showdown is basically the only thing to save Chadís character at this point.

As we promised, we have to talk about the Horton tree trimming party. This is an annual tradition for the Hortons to hang their ornaments on Christmas Eve. Itís something long time fans have come to expect. With that said, we were very disappointed with the party this year. We know Peter Reckell (Bo) didnít want to come back to the show, but his ornament has been shown over the years. For some reason, his ornament wasnít shown. Victorís was on the tree and heís not even a Horton. It was such a spit in the face to the actor as well as his fans not to see his ornament on the tree. Heís a part of the family and his ornament should have been on the tree. We are Bo and Hope fans and felt so cheated that we didnít get to see Hope hang his ornament, but she hung up Rafeís ornament. Shawn and Zackís ornaments werenít shown either. Hope managed to get an ornament for Laniís son but we couldnít see their ornaments. There were also not too many Hortons at the party. The guest list is getting smaller and smaller. Itís a shame because itís a tradition with the show and it should be honored properly.

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Page updated 12/24/18

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