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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


For some reason, the writers chose to introduce a new character to the audience without any buildup. Haley is a nurse at the hospital and she was introduced as someone trying to hide a secret. Weíre not sure how she is linked on the show, but we have a feeling we are not going to care. She passed out and JJ had to revive her. She is too new for us to care whether she was okay or not. The show does need characters who arenít related to everyone else on the show, but they need to take baby steps. We donít need her to be shoved down our throats when we donít know her character. Haley needs to share scenes with more people besides JJ for us to care about her being on the show.  Haley had a serious issue to deal with when she attempted suicide, but it didnít matter because she is a new character. We donít want to keep seeing her on the show when we donít know her.

Abby and Gabi had a mini showdown at the hospital. This was the best part of the episode. They laid their cards on the table about each other. Gabi knew she wasnít really Abby. Abby knew Julie found something when she took her fall. We were ready to scream at the TV when Gabi tried to get out of what she did. Itís funny how Gabi can play confession when no one else is around to hear it. Anyway, Gabi threatened to tell Stefan how Abby was lying about who she was. Abby was one step ahead of her because she wanted to call the police to make sure Kaylaís records could be checked after all. We loved how Gabi had to back down for a moment because she would be caught for sure if she was caught by the police. We canít wait to see Gabi get caught for what sheís doing. 

Abby gave Stefan divorce papers. She set everything up as if she gave him a Christmas gift. He was in shock when she told him what it was. We loved it because he was taking advantage of the situation and he was shocked that she played him. We hope Stefan wonít manage to get the upper hand, but he most likely will get it. 

This episode didnít really have much going on other than these two stories. We didnít care one bit about Haleyís situation and it was a speed bump in the episode. We didnít enjoy her scenes with JJ in the least. The writers are probably trying to focus on suicide because they did the same thing last year when JJ tried it last year. She wasnít very grateful that he saved her life. We donít want to keep seeing scenes like this when we are waiting for Gabi to be exposed.

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Page updated 12/24/18

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