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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Sarah needs to butt out of Ericís business. She is just too concerned with whatís going on with Eric. She was willing to turn on her mother in a heartbeat to defend Eric. We know Sarah is an adult, but Maggie should have slapped her when she got in her face and yelled at her. If we got smart with our mother the way Sarah did, we would have been getting up from the floor. Sarah needs a project since Rex humiliated her and sheís become too involved in Ericís business. She should focus on herself because sheís acting as if she was around for Holly when she wasnít. She could have tried to raise her niece if she was so concerned about her, but she wonít do it. We know the writers are shoving her down our throats because she and Eric will be together. We donít care for her character and she needs to be written out of the show again.

Chloe suddenly doubted whether she should raise Holly after all. She didnít feel too guilty when she made sure to have Holly, but she suddenly felt guilty. She will probably go back and forth about whether she should have her. Brady tried to make her feel better about raising her. Itís funny how Brady didnít want Chloe to have Holly while Nicole was alive, but now he suddenly wants her to have her. We donít think this story will be very interesting. It would be a nice break from Chad/Gabi/Abby, but we donít think we will enjoy it much with Sarah involved in it.

Gabi managed to escape being caught again. She kept being a talkative villain when she was about to smother Julie. She kept trying to justify her actions by reminding her (and the audience) about how she suffered. Weíre supposed to just forget what she did because she suffered. Gabi kept trying to smother Julie until JJ walked in the room. He didnít see anything and we werenít surprised by it at all. We didnít think he would see anything because the only one who catches her is the one they wonít believe. Itís funny how everyone believed Abby when she was Gabby, but no one will believe her now. Anyway, Gabi is obviously capable of murder because she was more than willing to smother Julie to keep her quiet. We really canít wait for her to get caught for what she did. We want to see the looks on everyoneís faces when they found out what Gabi did.

Speaking of Abby, why is Marlena so concerned about her? Are we supposed to believe Marlena is that concerned with Abby and that she loves her? Why would she love her considering what she did to Sami and Carrie? We never did understand why the writers made it seem as if they had such a close relationship. We know the writers want to give Marlena a storyline, but she didnít need to be apart of this one. She should have one of her own. Abby has taken over the show so much that characters have to be added to her storyline in order to be seen.

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Page updated 12/20/18

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