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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


The writers seemed to have a quota to fill on flashbacks. There were quite a few of them in this episode. We saw these flashbacks so there was no need to keep seeing them. Flashbacks are only good when the scenes took place years ago. Those scenes would give the fans a chance to see scenes they havenít seen before. 

We couldnít believe what we heard when we listened to what JJ said about Gabi and Abby. JJ is supposed to be Abbyís brother, but he defended Gabi instead of her. He told Julie how great a person Gabi is and Abby was the one with the problem. JJ seemed like he believed Abby when she told him what Gabi did, but he did an about face very quickly. We wanted to throw something at the TV while we listened to him go on and on about how great Gabi is. Itís hard to watch this story unfold since we know something the characters donít. JJ has been dumbed down just as much as Chad. Weíre not surprised Gabi is able to get away with her lies because sheís dealing with a lot of stupid people.

It was nice to see Abby and Julie working together to bring Gabi down. Abby should have gone to Julie sooner and they might have found the evidence they needed to prove what Gabi did. Julie doesnít get a chance to do much on the show besides butt in peopleís business, but now it will pay off. She wanted to help Abby with her plan and we couldnít be happier about it. Julie went to Gabiís room to look for proof she set up Abby. Gabi must be the true antagonist because she gets away with everything and she catches everything. She had to catch Julie looking in her room. It ended with a cliffhanger, but it was disappointing how Gabi managed to avoid getting caught again. 

Eric expected Brady to tell what Nicole said in Nashville. He had a lot of nerve expecting Brady to back him up and admit he heard what she said. He wouldnít forgive Brady, but expected his help. We will enjoy watching Brady side with Chloe and get Holly for herself. Eric and Sarah expect to get Holly without a fight. We hope Eric doesnít win the case because heís being so smug. 

Here are a few of random thoughts (they will still be here even though the column has changed):

Abby walked out of the DiMera mansion without telling anyone where she was going. Who was watching her daughter? What are the odds that they have a live in nanny at the mansion? She obviously didnít care about her child the way she said or she wouldnít have walked out and left her.

When did everyone decide to put up decorations? The Hortons were the only ones decorating the house, but suddenly every place in Salem has Christmas decorations.

Kayla needs to put a lock on her door and change the password on her computer. Gabi and Abby were able to break in her office and use her computer. Itís too easy to go in her office and she needs to fix the situation soon.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/16/18

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