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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/4/17 Ė 12/8/17

Sami and Rafe made love this week.  It was basically an impulse decision that will eventually lead to problems for Rafe.  He felt that his relationship with Hope was over so he ended up with Sami.  He didnít technically cheat on Hope because they broke up before he and Sami had sex.  The problem happened when Hope decided she wanted Rafe back in her life.  She even put on her detective hat and arrived at Samiís hotel looking for him.  Wasnít that something how she assumed he was in Samiís hotel room?  She managed not to see him, but she did tell Sami that she wanted Rafe back in her life.  Sami tried to be a couplesí therapist by giving them advice about being together.  She shouldnít give out any advice when she had numerous relationships on the show.  Anyway, Hope and Rafe talked things out when they met in the park.  He wanted to come clean, but Hope wouldnít let him talk.  She wanted to start over with a clean slate and get engaged again.  She conveniently wanted an open and honest relationship now that he has a big secret.  We like Hope and Rafe together so we donít like how they are going to most likely break up over his moment with Sami.

Speaking of Hope, she will have her hands full now that Ciaraís back in Salem.  Ciara was back because of what happened to Theo.  She ran into Claire and it wasnít a happy family reunion at all.  Ciara blamed Claire for keeping her letter from Theo.  Claire and Tripp tried to justify what happened.  Tripp shouldnít know Ciara, but he got involved as if he did know her.  Ciara decided that she wasnít going to get stepped on anymore.  Ciara had another reunion with Hope.  Hope didnít like Ciara riding Boís motorcycle so Ciara snapped at her.  Ciara seems to have a chip on her shoulders now that sheís back.  We donít know what happened while she was in Hong Kong, but she has quite an attitude now.

There were a couple more reunions this week that didnít go well at all.  Belle reunited with Will and dropped the bomb that he cheated on Sonny for Paul.  Will was very upset about doing that.  He didnít want to be a Horton anymore.  He stormed off to get answers.  We will get to that in a moment.  Later on, Belle went to see Sami and they argued like crazy.  Sami was upset that Belle told Will the truth about his infidelity.  Sami probably reacted that way since she was mad at Belle for giving the money she had back to the DiMeras.  Anyway, Belle went off on Sami because of her plan to get Willís memory back.  Belle didnít think that telling Will what he did to Sonny was as bad as what Sami did to him.  Itís not a surprise that Sami and Belle had a falling out.  Itís not likely that they will make up before they leave town but you never know.

Will went to see Paul because he found out about the affair they had.  Will was suddenly attracted to Paul while they were talking.  Will wanted answers so Paul explained what happened.  Will wondered if Sonny lied about how happy they were together.  One thing led to another with them and they kissed each other.  In true soap fashion, Sonny arrived at Paulís door to break up with him.  We wonder how the writers are going to proceed with this triangle.

Here are a few random thoughts:

Why did it take Hope so long to get her things out of the station?  She wasnít the commissioner log so she shouldnít have had too much to get out of the office.

Brady should have told on Nicole when he had the chance.  Eli believed he was the number one suspect in Deimosí murder.  He already framed Eve so he canít tell what happened now.

Ciara, Belle, and Shawn heard about Theoís shooting from Japan, but Lucas didnít know about it until Kate told him.


The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/11/17

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