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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/13/17 Ė 11/17/17

Sami and Sonny were in for a shock this week.  In true soap fashion, Will didnít remember them.  Thatís right everyone.  Will didnít remember them.  On tope of that, Susan had him convinced that Will was EJ. Susan managed to get revenge on Sami after all.  She blamed Sami for taking her son so Susan took Samiís son from her.  Sami and Sonny did everything they could to get Will to remember, but it didnít work.  Will didnít want them to bother him.  Susan made sure to let him know that Sami and Sonny were lying to him about being Will.  She had the perfect plan ready doe Sami.  Susan managed to make it possible to have her revenge and have a ďsonĒ at the same time.

Speaking of Sami and Will, why was Lucas taken out of the story and Rafe put in it?  Lucas is Willís father so why does he have to play second banana to Rafe?  Rafe didnít care more about Will than Lucas so why couldnít he be the one in Memphis?  It would make more sense for Lucas to be involved in the story than Rafe to be in it.  Lucas shouldnít have to keep hearing about what happened after the fact.  He should be there to find out whatís going on with Susan and Will.

The other big story was JJ shooting Theo.  JJ saw Theo wearing a hoodie and carrying what appeared to be a gun.  JJ decided to shoot first before finding out who he was chasing.  JJ realized his mistake when it was too late.  He shot Theo.  It was a little strange that Lani was so calm about JJ shooting her brother.  Speaking of the shooting, JJ and Theo were responsible for that shooting.  JJ shouldnít have shot at Theo so easily.  He could have fired a warning shot when Theo wouldnít drop his weapon.  He also should have recognized Theo because he had the same clothes on that he wore at the party.  Theo was also at fault because he should have identified himself when JJ pulled the gun on him.

Abe was beyond upset with JJ for shooting Theo.  James Reynolds did an excellent job with his material this week.  He doesnít always get a chance to show his emotional side, but he did.  He showed his angle as well as despair very well.  He was rightfully upset about what happened.  He also made us sad when he wanted Theo to pull through so he wouldnít lose him the same way he lost Lexie.  Theoís shooting is an umbrella story so we got a chance to see Abe interact with people he doesnít work with on normal basis.

The shooting also involved the DiMeras.  Chad jumped at the chance to blame Andre for what happened to Theo.  Every time something goes wrong, he blames Andre.  Kate was the one to blame, but he didnít think to suspect her.  She put Theo up to going to the warehouse.  She was able to get away with what she did again.  Hope had the chance to check Theoís phone because Tripp had it.  Kate was able to get to the phone first when Hope was with Tripp when he told her about it.  We want to see Kate get caught for something.  Hopefully she will get caught for that, but we wonít hold our breath.

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Page updated 11/20/17

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