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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/6/17 Ė 11/10/17

Susan explained to Sami, Marlena, and John why she hired Rolf to revive Will.  She blamed Sami for what happened to EJ.  She wanted to make Sami feel the same hurt that she felt.  Susan said she wanted to be the one to kill Will, but Ben beat her to it.  She was suddenly there when it happened.  Anyone who was watching Days at the time knows that Susan wasnít in town when Ben killed Will.  The new writers decided to retcon this story to make it plausible for Susan to be in Salem at the time Ben went on his killing spree.  She lied to Sami and company to let them think that Will was dead.  He obviously wasnít dead because Lucas and Paul saw him.  Weíll talk about Paul seeing Will in the next section.

Paul saw Will while everyone was in Memphis.  What do you think he did about that?  If you guessed that he kept quiet and let everyone believe he was dead, then you guessed right.  Paul saw Will twice and didnít say a word at first.  He chose to listen to Justin and Lucas and be a bas guy to keep Sonny in the dark about Will being alive.  He may have felt good about it at the time, but he didnít think how Sami, Lucas, and Arianna would have felt about it.  We see him keeping more things from Sonny. If he keeps doing that, he will deserve to lose Sonny.

Sami took time out of causing trouble to try to take care of Lucas.  She told him about the ďdead endĒ with Will and they took the news hard.  She wanted him to stop drinking.  He finally told her that he would try to stop drinking for her.  We are Lumi fans so that was a great moment to watch.  They work so well together whether they are arguing or getting along.  We will miss seeing them working together when she leaves because we believe they are meant to be together.

Victor wanted Brady to prove his worth again by getting rid of Eve from the company.  In case you missed it. Deimos left Eve in charge of Basic Black.  Victor wanted Brady to stop Eve anyway he could.  He decided to frame Eve for Deimosí murder.  He planted the amulet in her pocketbook and told Rafe and Eli that she was the one who killed Deimos.  Did he forget that he blackmailed Nicole about her crime?  He already told the police about the amulet so he wonít be able to blackmail Nicole anymore. She could head back to Salem if she wanted because he just used his high card.  He wonít be able to say that Nicole was the real culprit.  Brady clearly didnít think that plan out at all.

Here are a couple of random thoughts:

Why would Steve and Kayla talk about what Tripp did at the hospital?  They could have talked about it at home.  Kate heard them so you could practically hear her rushing to the phone to call the police.

Why are the people in Salem acting as if Gabiís the one who lost a family member?  Will was related to half of Salem so they were all going through the loss.  People came up to her and treated her as if she was the one who lost him.  She didnít go to his family and say a word to them about how sorry she was for what they were going through.

Claire may as well run off with Tripp.  She will conveniently keep arguing with Theo so she could be with him.  Theo messed up by buying her followers and she couldnít wait to run to Tripp about it.  She may as well enjoy it while she can because it wonít last.  Ciara will be back soon so Theo and Tripp will be after her.


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Page updated 11/13/17

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