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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/2/17 Ė 10/6/17

The writers seem to want us to forget that Abby was the one who hurt Ben first.  He was basically a normal person until Abby cheated on him for Chad.  He became a crazy killer after that.  We have been watching Days for a very long time so we remember the way she hurt Ben.  She had the gall to tell Ben that he wasnít going to ruin her life.  She had a lot of nerve saying that when she contributed to the destruction of his life.  The writers think we wonít remember that because another actress is playing the role, but that doesnít change what she did.  We loved it when Ben blamed her for why he went crazy.  He didnít forget and neither did we.  Itís too bad he didnít sneak out of Bayview to go after her.  She deserved to be terrorized because of what she did to him.

Ben did have a purpose at the wedding and it wasnít to go after Abby.  He wanted to tell Sonny that Will was still alive.  Ben took the extremely long way around saying it, but he finally told him that Willís not dead.  Ben certainly knows how to stop a wedding because thatís what happened.  Sonny didnít want to go through with marrying Paul until he found out if Ben told him the truth about Will being alive.  Ben took his time telling Sonny if Will was alive, but he expected him to believe what he said.  Ben didnít have any proof that Will was alive besides his word.  Heís as crazy as they come so his word isnít exactly trustworthy.  It was getting really annoying listening to him drag out whether he really killed Will or not.

Speaking of Benís announcement, how did Ben pull off keeping Will alive?  We saw Ben kill Will, but now weíre supposed to forget what we saw.  Ben strangled Will to death so how are they going to change that?  Why would he wait so long to say something about Will being alive?  He waited this long so he could have kept quiet.  We believe that someone was helping him keep Will from his family. It wouldnít surprise us if Paul was behind it.  He didnít want Sonny to listen to Ben and marry him anyway.  Sami could have been in on the plan too in order to protect her children from the DiMeras.  She did steal from them so they might have retaliated by going after Will.  We arenít sure who helped Ben, but we do hope that the re-write will make sense.

Here are some random thoughts:

Bonnie didnít want to comfort Sonny after Benís announcement.  Adrienne would have been the first one to interfere when he found out the truth.  She will give herself away if she slips up like that again.

No one thought about telling Sami that Will could be alive at first.  Kate was worried about herself and Lucas.  Marlena was concerned about herself.  Abby and Chad were worried about Gabi and Arianna.  No one thought that Sami should have been one of the first people told.


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Page updated 10/9/17

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