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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/22/18 - 10/26/18

We were watching Days this week and we were overwhelmed by the hypocrisy that took place in these episodes. We couldn't believe the way that Eric, Brady, Sami, and were carrying on this week. This article will mostly be dedicated to the hypocrisy that took place this week.

Brady blackmailed Nicole to make her leave town because she chose Eric. We didn't blame him for doing it at the time because she hurt him and expected to just walk away from him. Fast forward and he was acting as if he was so worried about Nicole and Holly. If he were so worried about them, he wouldn't have made her leave Salem. It was weird to watch him act like he cared so much when they were at the warehouse.  He called her by her nickname when he wanted her to help him get out of the room Sami locked him in to look for EJ. Did he forget that he was why she ended up in Nashville in the first place? Nicole would have been in Salem if he didn't blackmail her. He had a right to make her pay, but he shouldn't backpedal and act as if he didn't push her out of town.

Sami was a hypocrite this week too. We all know how obsessed she is with EJ. She seems to only care about EJ and nothing else. She was willing to risk her life to get who she thought was EJ out of a burning building. She's obsessed with EJ so it wasn't a shock that she did that. She had the nerve to stop Eric from going back in the burning building to save Nicole. She was glad that he didn't go back when he wished that he went back in to get Nicole. Sami didn't want to lose him so she was glad he didn't go back. We couldn't believe what we heard. Sami should be worried about Eric, but she was in no position to stop him. If EJ were the one trapped in the building, the entire Nashville Fire Department couldn't stop her from going back inside to get EJ. Does she think that her love for EJ means more than his love for Nicole?

Eric proved how much of a hypocrite he was by the way he treated Brady.  He blamed Brady for Nicole being in the fire. Nicole had no business going inside the building. She should have stayed outside where Xander left her. With that said, Eric told Brady that Nicole's death was on his hands. He forgot what he did to Brady when he slept with her in the first place. He expected Brady to forgive him for what he did to him. Brady took a while, but he did it. Eric also forgot that he was a murderer himself. He killed Daniel because he was careless. Nicole hated him for what he did to Daniel. He conveniently forgot his wrongdoings once he found out what Brady did. He will most likely forgive Brady for what happened, but he's being a hypocrite for now.

Let's move on to another storyline. Kate was being a hypocrite this week too. She was so appalled when she listened to Gabi justify her scheme for the millionth time. Everyone should be able to explain her reasons with her because she says them so much. Anyway, Kate had the nerve to get upset with her yet she went along with Gabi's plan. Kate allowed Gabi to blackmail her to get her to go along with her plan. Kate's schemes were just as bad as Gabi's so she wasn't in a position to judge Gabi. She also didn't care about Chad enough or she wouldn't have been willing to go along with Gabi's plan. She was afraid that Gabi would tell what she did to Chad. Kate could have told that herself. She could have told Chad that Stefan blackmailed her. She is basically getting what she deserves because she has done bad things to people and got away with everything she did. 


The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 10/28/18

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