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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/16/17 Ė 10/20/17

We may be alone, but we were cheering Brady on while he blackmailed Nicole.  He made her give up Eric or go to prison for murder.  We loved watching Nicole suffer while she begged Brady to let her be happy with Eric.  Brady definitely made her pay for breaking his heart.  He got in funny digs about her being a b*tch and a killer.  She tried to tell him that he was a monster, but it didnít work.  He demanded that she break Ericís heart.  We know that Nicole fans are not happy with what Brady did to her, but we enjoyed every second of what he did.  It was surprising to see someone whoís basically a good guy turn into someone who would blackmail someone.  Nicole shouldnít have broken his heart and now she wonít have anyone.

Speaking of Nicole, she went to Eric to tell him that she couldnít be with him anymore.  Weíre probably supposed to feel sorry for her because she had to make a ďdifficultĒ choice and break up with him.  Unfortunately, we didnít feel sorry for her at all.  She was lucky that Brady let her leave with Holly.  He could have kept Holly and let her leave without her.  Anyway, she made up lies to Eric so she could break up with him.  He didnít want to believe her because they loved each other.  She could have told Eric the truth about Bradyís blackmail.  She could have let him know that she had to leave him r go to prison.  Eric would have said something to Brady, but she could have told him the truth.  She deserved to have to suffer telling Eric that she didnít want to be with Eric anymore because she hurt Brady the way she did.  We donít like that she gets to leave Salem as a martyr, but we are glad that sheís gone.

There was a lot of blackmailing this week.  Brady blackmailed Nicole and Bonnie did the same to Victor.  Bonnie told Victor that she knew that he wanted Deimos killed.  She was going to go to Hope if he didnít marry her.  Victor actually gave in to Bonnieís blackmail and agreed to marry her.  We didnít think he would cave in to Bonnieís demands like that.  He had the money to make his problem with Bonnie go away, but he let her have her way.  She didnít have concrete proof that he wanted Xander to kill Deimos so he didnít have to agree to her blackmail.  Xander wasnít the killer and Victor didnít have to admit to being hired to kill Deimos.  Bonnie is wearing out her welcome in Salem and needs to be exposed soon.

Sami was back in town this week.  She wasnít sure whether Will was still alive.  She wanted to find out the truth.  She also wanted to help Lucas with his drinking problem.  It was like time stood still when they talked about Will and Lucasí drinking.  We are Lumi fans so we enjoyed the scenes they had together.  She wanted to go after Bonnie after what she did to Lucas.  We know that Samiís not back for long, but we will enjoy watching her scenes with Lucas as well as the rest of the family.

Here is a random thought for the week:

How was Jo able to realize that Bonnie wasnít Adrienne when sheís not in Salem?  Adrienneís family has been around her, but no one thought that she could have been someone else.  It took a phone call for Steve and Kayla to be suspicious of Adrienne.



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Page updated 10/23/17

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