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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/15/18 - 10/19/18

Abby managed to shock us again when she realized that Gabi was the one making her think that her altars returned. That was very surprising to see Abby question Gabi about what she did. We were actually cheering her on as she accused her of setting her up. It looked like Abby was actually getting a brain. Unfortunately, Gabi was able to drug her when she went to see her at the Kiriakis mansion. It was disappointing to see Abby fall for that stupid trick when she was actually on to Gabi. It was good to see her suspect her because it looked like this storyline had a chance at movement. It took a u-turn once Gabi was able to drug her. You would think that Abby wouldn’t have drank anything that Gabi was willing to give her since she suspected her of letting her think that her altars were back. It would have been so much better if Abby hadn’t drank the tea that she gave her, but for one minute she had a brain. She was actually on to her so we may as well focus on that for this section. Let’s move on to our gripes with Gabi.

Gabi is taking her revenge on Abby too far. We know that she wanted to make Abby pay for setting her up. When it first happed we understood why she wanted to do it. Abby made her lose everything and basically got a slap on the wrist for it. Gabi shouldn’t have forgiven her since she was still so upset about it. Gabi was given everything back and she was still bitter. Gabi was willing to take her plan too far. She wants to make sure that Abby is committed. The plan makes no sense at all. She’s constantly drugging a pregnant woman and doesn’t even care. She doesn’t know for a fact that the drug is harmless to the baby. She’s willing to believe that because it eases her conscience if she believes that the drug is safe. Gabi must also be eating a lot of Wheaties because she has taken on the strength of 10 men. She’s able to carry Abby to and from without much of a struggle. No one saw her take Abby to the DiMera mansion. Gabi doesn’t know that she isn’t hurting Abby when she drags her around. She could be bumping her stomach into things and doesn’t even care. She may think that she’s getting her revenge, but she looks like she’s just torturing a pregnant woman. Kate being involved didn’t help the situation either. She lied to Chad about Abby turning into Gabby. She allowed Gabi to blackmail her into doing her bidding. Kate is supposed to be such a strong woman, but she let Gabi bully her into scheming against Abby. She is worse than Gabi because she claims she loves Chad so much, but she’s willing to keep lying to him to cover her own dirt. The writers need to put a stop to this storyline before it’s too late because there are viewers that don’t like the story anymore.

It’s time to talk about another schemer. Claire proved that she didn’t change at all. She wanted Ben to work with her to break up Ciara and Tripp. She couldn’t get Tripp on her own so she needed Ben to help her break them up. She has not changed. She wanted Ciara to be her friend, but she insisted on breaking them up. What was the point of making up with her? She feels like she deserves Tripp for some reason. Her plan would make sense if Tripp showed any interest in her whatsoever. He doesn’t give her the time of day when she’s not forcing herself on him. He’s not torn between the two of them so what is the point of breaking up his relationship? She is so spoiled and expects to get her way.

Brady wasn’t as subtle as he thought. He ended up getting caught by Kristen. She had him tied up and wanted to leave him in the warehouse. Brady should have known that Kristen would find out that he was using her to find out about EJ. He expected her not to kill him even though he lied to her. He was being very arrogant to assume that she wouldn’t have killed him. He managed to get knocked out and tied to a chair. Xander may end up killing him once Kristen is through with him.

Eric and Nicole were so stupid as far as trying to be together. Let’s start with Eric’s stupidity. Eric found Nicole’s confession. He chose to listen to it right in the warehouse. We know that he had to make sure that he had the right confession, but he had time to check it. He acted as if he couldn’t follow Xander again if he had the wrong confession. Eric ended up getting caught just like Brady. Xander obviously knew that Eric was following him because he managed to knock him out and get the confession back. Eric should stick to being a priest or helping people at the center because he can’t spy on people. Nicole was with Xander and chose to hit him with a plastic water bottle. She really thought that was going to help her get away from Xander. If that wasn’t enough, she chose to scream Eric’s name in the hallway while she looked for him. She may as well have shouted where she was so Xander could find her. Nicole probably thought that her move was a smart one, but it was only a plastic bottle. Xander will be able to get up from that “strong” hit and will find her. They obviously left their brains in her bedroom since they both did very stupid things.

Is anyone else getting sick of Mimi/Bonnie/Lucas’ storyline? Our hands are in the air already. It’s good to see Lucas with a story, but this one didn’t turn out the way it should. There is no point proceeding with the story because Mimi isn’t staying. There are also rumors that Lucas is leaving. Mimi is the baby’s mother so it’s a waste of time. For some reason, she refuses to come out and say that Rex is the father of her baby. Why is it a secret? Most of the fans know that she had a relationship with Rex so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they hooked up and had a baby. Mimi and Bonnie keep going out of their way to avoid saying he’s the father. Speaking of Mimi, you would think that she would have told Belle about her baby. Belle had no problem being forthcoming with her about Chloe’s business, but she kept her mouth shut about her baby. How did she manage not to let that one slip? Belle may not keep that secret for long because we know she has to be Honest Abe so maybe the story won’t drag on too long.


The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 10/21/18

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