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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/9/17 Ė 10/13/17

Nicole proved that sheís a complete slut.  No offense to her fans, but sheís a tramp.  She went after Eric (apparently he left his address behind) and talked to him.  She realized that she was in love with him.  She spent months hating him, but now she suddenly loves him.  She ended up betraying Brady by having sex with him.  She was with Eric quite a few times this week.  She only thought about Brady for five minutes before she decided to have sex with Eric again.  She doesnít know who she wants.  She wanted a life with Brady not too long ago, but now she wants to have a life with Eric.  It doesnít matter what Brady did to keep Eric from her.  It doesnít justify the fact that she cheated on Brady so easily.  She must have forgotten what Brady did for her to help her get Holly.  Weíll get to that in the next section.

Nicole was willing to leave her daughter with Chloe just to be with Eric.  She didnít even have the decency to let Chloe know where she was going.  Something could have happened to Holly, but she wouldnít have known because she was with Eric.  She also lied to Brady about being with Brandon when she was with Eric.  She was wrong to do that.  Nicole proved that she hasnít changed at all.  The writers must think that we are all Eric and Nicole fans because they tried to romanticize the affair she had with Eric by bringing up their past relationship.

For some reason, Brady has been butchered in this story with Nicole and Eric.  Heís being treated like heís coming between the long suffering couple.  Brady risked his freedom and his life to help her get Holly, but thatís being forgotten. Nicole was only concerned with what Eric did to help her.  Brady was shot helping her.  He also blackmailed a judge so she could get Holly back.  Brady was the reason why Eric helped her, but heís getting treated like the saint.  The writers even tried to downplay Nicoleís love for Brady by considering it gratitude and not love.  Nicoleís acting as if Brady doesnít mean anything to her.  He was a seemingly good guy, but now heís been reduced to scheming against her and Eric as if heís the interloper.  Itís not fair that Brady was butchered when he loved Nicole.  Eric looks like a saint because he had to suffer without Nicole.

Letís shift gears to the other main story this week.  Everyone wanted to know if Ben told the truth about Will being alive.  Lucas was at the cemetery and saw Will again.  Kate saw him and went to help him.  Their scenes together were moving.  He broke down in front of her and she was supportive of him.  She is usually a snake so it was surprising to see her show Lucas so empathy.  She was able to get him to stop drinking and go with her to the mansion.  We donít know how long it will last, but it was great to see them bend together.

Clyde was back this week.  He was the one who told Ben that Will was alive.  He did the same thing that Ben did.  He didnít spill much tea as we expected.  He was looking for something for himself before he revealed that someone told him the truth.  The reveal was basically a waste because she was going by secondhand information.  He didnít have concrete proof that Will was alive.  The only thing he had was Rolfís word that Will was alive.

Here are a couple of random thoughts:

How did Adrienne know about Bonnie?  She wasnít in town when Bonnie was in Salem, but she knew her last name as well as everything about her.  Itís not likely that someone told her about Bonnie.

Brady should have been suspicious of Bonnie when she referred to him as the one on the wagon.  He knew that Hattie pretended to be Marlena, but he didnít think anything of it when Adrienne acted out of character.



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Page updated 10/16/17

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