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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/8/18 - 10/12/18

There were some revelations this week. Unfortunately, they weren't very good ones. The writers did give it a good try with creating some mystery, but the results ended up being a letdown. As usual, it will be based on what happened this week.

Marlena's shooter was revealed. We saw a spoiler on YouTube that revealed the shooter. Xander was the shooter. We were hoping that the shooter would have been a shock. We were surprised until we saw the spoiler that mentioned him. Please don't misunderstand that was not a good surprise at all. It was very disappointing because he had no reason to shoot her. We know he was after Eric, but it was still a complete letdown from a viewers standpoint. It was disappointing from a writers standpoint too. The writers had the opportunity of a lifetime and squandered it to bring back this useless character. Xander was suddenly working with Kristen. They never interacted before, but she found him in Nashville and got him to help with her plan. It doesn't make any sense at all. We know the writers wanted to let Sami off the hook, but that was so stupid. He wanted to shoot Eric and got her by accident. We will get back to this later in the article. If we wrote the story arc, the shooter would have been someone who has been on the show and not someone who does sporadic visits.

Eric found Nicole in Nashville. He found her on Friday, but that was the so called cliffhanger. Before we move on to that, Eric must know his way around Nashville. Maggie gave him the address, but he found it right away. He didn't have a hard time at all trying to find out where the house was located. He went from Salem one minute to Nashville the next. We want him to be our Lyft driver because he can find his way around so easily. Anyway, he found Nicole and wanted her to go away with him. He clearly moved on from Jennifer and wanted her to be with him. Nicole dropped a bombshell on him. She told him that she was married to Eric. He was shocked by that revelation. He thought they could pick up right where they left off until she told him that Xander was blackmailing her. She obviously didn't want Eric to leave because she didn't have to tell him the truth. She could have let him think that she wanted to be with Xander and he might have walked away. She must want Xander to take him out or go to the police about what she did. Eric wanted to take her away from there, but she was afraid to go because she thought Xander would turn her in to the police. She wanted to kill him to keep him from going to the police. Eric was against the idea. He wanted to get the evidence by following him. We will see how that works out.

Another revelation was Brady's plan for Kristen. We thought he was the biggest fool in Salem to hook up with Kristen after what she did. He went to Nashville with Kristen. We still don't understand how they managed to get to Nashville, but that's another story. He had sex with Kristen so we naturally thought he was a complete idiot for doing that. It turned out that he was playing her to get her to open up about EJ. We were surprised that he was willing to do that. Brady is taking a risk by being with her like that. We don't believe that she will start divulging information that she worked hard to keep private just because he went to bed with her. She is crazy, but she isn't that stupid. She won't tell him what he wants to know just because he slept with her. He will have to follow her around in order to catch anything. Kristen snuck and saw Xander while they were in Nashville. Brady followed her and managed to get shocked when he tried to dismantle the alarm. He watches too many movies if he thought that he could disable it that easily.

There was one other revelation this week. Mimi is the mother of little Bonnie. This was revealed last week. Mimi and Bonnie talked about the plan more this week. Mimi threatened to go to Lucas and tell him the truth about the baby until Bonnie dropped a bomb on her. Bonnie planned on going to the police about who really killed her husband. Mimi had to back down and let her use her baby. That wasn't the revelation that we wanted to discuss. We recapped the situation. Mimi wondered how she pulled off the paternity test results. Bonnie said that it was good that Lucas was related to the baby. We figured Rex was the father of the baby. Kate and Roman suddenly mentioned Rex and Cassie being their children. It's obvious that he will be the father of Mimi's baby.  Philip may be a possibility because Kate mentioned that little Bonnie looks like Philip. He is also Lucasí brother so that would explain why the baby matched Lucas. We are putting our money on Rex, but Philip can be a factor too.


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Page updated 10/14/18

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