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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/31/17 Ė 8/4/17

As you know, Abby was hit by a cr.  She got hit trying to save Chadís life.  It looked like she had time to get away from the car.  She stood there for at least a few minutes before the car hit her.  We know she didnít want to go away with Dario, but did she have to jump in front of the car?  Did she think that she wouldnít get hurt?  She will obviously do anything to help Chad.

Speaking of Abbyís car accident, we wonder if the hit and run will turn into a mystery.  You couldnít see the driverís face so anyone could have hit her and kept going.  Could the driver have intentionally hit her to get back at Dario?  The driver had enough time to see Dario leave, but he or she kept going until she was hit.  We are hoping that the story gets solved without being dropped.

We are going to reserve our judgment of the Hattie/Marlena story.  Hattie drugged Marlena and took her out of the townhouse.  How did Hattie get in the townhouse before Marlena in order to drug anything?  How did Hattie know that Marlena was going to have strawberries and champagne?  Why didnít Marlena see her in the townhouse?  These are just a few questions that we have regarding that situation.  Marlena will be kidnapped once again so we are ready for it.  We arenít sure if weíre going to enjoy watching Hattie taking over Marlenaís life so we want to see what happens before we judge it.  Itís good that Deidre Hall has a storyline, but we donít know how it will play out.

Nicole will never learn.  She wanted to keep Brady in the dark about forgiving Eric.  She didnít want Brady to get jealous over her being around Eric.  Sheís making things worse for herself because Brady overheard her talking to Maggie about it.  He waited to see if she would tell him about it, but she didnít say anything right away.

Chad finally learned the reason why Abby married Dario.  Gabi told him the truth while they were at the hospital.  It didnít go unnoticed that she didnít make any attempt to tell him again until she was hit, but thatís not the point.  He needed to know the truth since he believed that she wanted to be with Dario.  Watching him focus on the fact that she married Dario that way was funny.  He didnít care what Gabi was telling him about Dario.  This week is one more nail in the casket of Chad and Gabiís relationship.


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Page updated 8/7/17

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